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Lampserve - Internet based on light

VLC solutionLampserve is a Japanese company researching LED visual light communication technology and the company was looking for a technology partner that would produce a circuit board for electronic components of a product prototype. They looked for partners in Asia and the United States but they finally found what they were looking for in Estonia.
In March 2013, a joint company with Estonian IT specialists Lightmiles was founded. The aim of the company is to unite the forces of Okinawa engineers and Estonian IT business experts in order to commercialize the technology. The Japanese side is responsible for producing the hardware and base technology, and the Estonians are responsible for business support and the software required for the technology. Estonia will be the testing ground for the technology and is where the first prototypes will be produced.
Ahto Parl, Executive Director of Lightmiles, says that this technology has great potential: data communication takes place via LED lamps. "It is much cheaper than laying underground fiber optic cables and it is also much faster than wifi, wimax or other similar "last kilometre" technologies which spread through air". Parl claims that there are no companies in the world today who are able to offer data communication based on LED in open air environment and at relevant speeds, a solution that Lightmiles aims to pioneer with. Parl says that VLC could be ideally suited for creating the “last kilometre” of Internet connection in such sparsely populated areas as Estonia. It is much simpler to test this technology in Estonia than in Japan and it has already been done successfully with transmitters 60 metres apart from each other.
Raul Vahisalu, a member of the Council of Lightmiles, expects that the cooperation between Estonia and Japan will, in the long term, lead to the development of Estonia into a centre of competence in VLC, closer cooperation with the base technology development units of the world’s telecom companies and growth in Estonia’s export capacity.