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First Estonian heater manufacturer launches exports


OÜ Huum, the first company that started manufacturing heaters in Estonia, has started exporting its products to Finland and looking for new markets.

“Our products are currently available in Estonia and Finland, we’re negotiating with the Germans and Swedes, and we’re marketing ourselves all over Europe on the Internet,” said Siim Nellis. In the near future, the company also plans to enter the Russian market, where according to Nellis the number of saunas used is five million.

“Although our products represent exquisite design, we’re also targeting consumers with average purchasing power. “Since the brand is new, we want to introduce ourselves to as many people as possible with the design of our first products,” explained Nellis. He added that Huum is the first manufacturer of heaters in Estonia.


Picture: HUUM heater (source: www.huum.ee)

He first thought about designing heaters years ago and technical development took several years as well. “In 2011 we worked with the Product Development Department of the Estonian Academy of Art. “The second and third-year students spent the entire spring semester designing heaters. Since then we’ve been working on the serial production of heaters,” explained Nellis. We’ve managed to keep our development expenses rather low with the help of students,” he added.

Nellis said that the market for sauna heaters is rather specific and that there are very few manufacturers in the world. “Tough competition and cooperation go hand in hand,” he remarked.

Next year Huum will launch new heater ranges and a sauna remote that can be controlled using a smart phone application.

Huum’s heaters are manufactured in Tartu. In addition to the Academy of Art, the company also cooperates with the University of Technology and Tartu Science Park, and it has received support from Enterprise Estonia.

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