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Estonia is a very open economy - the export of goods and services exceeds approximately 85% of GDP. In 2015, exports of goods from Estonia accounted for 11.6 billion euros and imports to Estonia for 13.1 billion euros at current prices. Exports and imports per capita were at the same level with the EU average in 2014. Estonia's share in the European Union's total exports and imports was 0.3% in 2014. Trade in 2014 remained at the same level as in 2013. Trade has fallen the last three years, and in 2015, the decline was the largest.

In 2015, the share of the European Union countries (EU-28) accounted for 75% of Estonia’s total exports and 83% of Estonia’s total import. The main export countries of destination were Sweden (19% of Estonia’s total exports), Finland (16%) and Latvia (10%).

Estonian export by countries 2008 - 2015

Trade by countries 2015

In 2015, Estonia’s major exports are electrical machinery and equipment and parts thereof (21% of Estonia’s total exports), wood and articles of wood (10%) and different mineral products (10%, including gasoline, shale oil and electricity). Compared to 2014, export turnover increased the most wood and wood products and machinery and equipment of the commodity chapters. Export turnover decreased the most diferent mineral products and electrical machinery and equipment of the commodity chapters.

Estonian export by product groups 2008 - 2015

Trade by products15

In 2015, Estonia’s main imports are electrical machinery and equipment, mineral products, agricultural products and food preparations, transport equipment and chemical products.The main countries of destination were Finland (14% of Estonia’s total imports), Germany (11%) and Latvia (9%) and Lithuania (9%).

Estonia's exports and imports 2008 - 2015

 Export and import 2008-2015



Source: Statisitcs Estonia