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Sector: Meat processing and preserving of meat products

Description: Nõo Lihatööstus AS is one of the biggest meat processing companies in Estonia. AS Nõo Lihatööstus trademark Nõo Lihavürst indicates to high quality and healthy production, that is achieved based on using Estonian and contemporary technology. Export to Latvia in 2008 was 10% of the total circulation.

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Desirable export markets
Belarus, Finland, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Russian Federation, Sweden
Cooperation opportunities
Resellers, Distributors
Target industry
Processed meat sells

Company details

Established in (year)
Number of Employees
Holding company
Year Turnover (m€) Export (% of turnover)
2013 21.5 14%
2009 0.0 10%
Our business role
Meat processing and preserving of meat products
Nace code
10 Manufacture of food products
All the products in Nõo Lihatööstus are made on the basis of HACCP programme that is safe for the consumers.

Products and export markets

Products already sold on foreign markets
Grill sausages, Hams, Cold cuts, Roulades, Wieners & Frankfurters, Smoked sausages, Half - smokes, Patès, Salamis, Snacks.
Exports to
Latvia, Lithuania
Unique selling points
The trademark of Nõo Lihavürst refers to quality and trust that are achieved by offering the consumers the products that are made only from delicious, healthy, thoroughly checked Estonian raw meat. The products of Lihavürst are for those who have busy lives but still appreciate stable quality, low-fat and healthy products in the production of which, attention is turned to lowering the amount of salt and fat. The products of Nõo Lihavürst are also lactose free and therefore also fit for those who unbear milk sugar. Nõo Lihatööstus appreciates the satisfaction of clients and the loyality to their products. A clean and healthy living environment and the legislation of the country are important. Since the company values creating and keeping a united team, we motivate and support our employees and are opened for proposals and recommendations. The mission of the company is to offer delicious, high-quality products made from Estonian raw material and packed in small packages convenie
HS code
All the products in Nõo Lihatööstus are made on the basis of HACCP programme that is safe for the consumers. As the company has constantly evolved, the manufacturing processes have turned more and more modern, faster and sufficient. The workers have passed many trainings to improve their technical skills and to guarantee that everyone follows the rules of hygiene. In 2002, a new rooms for receiving raw meat, meat cutting, ham salting and tumbling, melting and preserving frozen raw material and for keeping industrial waste. Rooms for dosing and autoclaving pates, pre- and aftermaturing salamis as well as a new break lounge for the staff were built. The big investment was necessary for meeting the requirements of the EU. New smoking-, boiling- , cold-smoking ovens and fast cooling ovens provide faster manufacturing with smaller wastes, more intensive cooling and the opportunity for immediate slicing. Moreover, the ovens are economical as outdoor air is used for cooling.
Nõo Lihavürst, Noo Cepeškungs, Noo Burmistro


Reg. no.
Voika 18, Nõo, 61601 , Tartumaa
+372 7302030
Simmo Kruustük
+372 7302030
Estonian English Russian German Finnish

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