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Name turnover m€ (last) Sectors Target industry %
Asper Biogene LLC (14265334) 0.00 (2015)
Asper Biogene is a genetic testing company focused on diagnostics for rare and common hereditary dis...
Service, Medical services, Healthcare 91
Kokkonen OÜ (10263781) 1.00 (2014)
Our company manufactures salt therapy equipment - the dry salt aerosol generators (halogenerators) f...
Medical services, Welfare, health, medical devices, SPA design 85
Hümüstuudio Eesti OÜ (10363850) 0.80 (2013)
CityMed Grupp OÜ is holding company who have two main lines: 1) Dental clinics in Estonia and Finla...
Business services, Medical services, Medical 82
IB Genetics OÜ (11420515) 0.30 (2013)
IB Genetics is a privately owned company of molecular diagnostics. IB Genetics offers following serv...
Medical services, Research field, Healthcare service providers. 82
Kliinik32 OÜ (11400814) 3.10 (2013)
Kliinik 32 is an interdisciplinary dental treatment centre located in Tallinn, which consists of den...
Medical services, Dentists` cooperation. 79
Laserteraapia OÜ (11678739) 0.00 (2013)
Laserteraapia is a small low level laser therapy clinic in Tallinn. Our aim is to promote effective ...
Medical services, - 79