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The wood industry is one of the largest industries in Estonia, and its output is based on local and renewable raw materials, with companies being engaged in wood processing and in the production of wood products.

The range of wood industry products is extensive, beginning with the production and treatment of sawn timber and leading to the production of wooden houses, windows, and doors.

The Estonian Forest and Wood Industries Association is the main organisation for the sector.

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Name turnover m€ (last) Sectors Target industry %
Intarsia OÜ (11897236) 0.00 (2013)
Intarsia OÜ is producing wide variety of wooden products: garden furniture, pergolas, swings, herb ...
Products of wood, cork, straw and plaiting materials , Outdoor furniture, Other furniture, - 82
KA OÜ (11521653) 0.60 (2014)
Company primary activity is manufacture, sale and restoration of transport packing. At present compa...
Packaging, Products of wood, cork, straw and plaiting materials , Baltic countries chemical industry, food industry. 82
Lindwood OÜ (11646076) 1.00 (2013)
Lindwood is a leading manufacturer and exporter of edge glued panels, finger joint boards, plywood a...
Manufacturing, Wood, Furniture, 82
Majapood OÜ (11486193) 0.20 (2013)
Majapood combines expertise in elementhousing with best housing sales professionals.Practice and exp...
Prefabricated buildings of wood and elements , Houses and buildings, Real estate developers and construction companies. 82
Mass AS (10042531) 2.00 (2009)
Wood, sawn timber, veneer production....
Manufacturing, Wood, Sawn wood, Veneer sheets, wood-based panels, Products of wood, cork, straw and plaiting materials , Furniture and wood industry. 82
MOUNTAIN LOGHOME OÜ (10519080) 2.00 (2013)
MOUNTAIN LOGHOME OÜ is a private capital based Estonian company and our main area of activity is de...
Prefabricated buildings of wood and elements , Wooden doors, windows, shutters and frames, - 82
MP & Puitmeister OÜ (10843455) 1.10 (2014)
Our company produces mostly machine rounded poles. For raw material we use pine and spruce wood from...
Prefabricated buildings of wood and elements , Sawn wood, Firewood, Agriculture, gardening, fencing. 82
Pacman Grupp OÜ (11061743) 0.00 (2013)
Firewood manufacturing company. Dry birch firewood 40l bags, on pallet....
Firewood, Firewood resellers, supermarkets, gardening shops etc. 82
PALKEHITUSE OÜ (10057478) 0.30 (2014)
Our production involves high-quality handcrafted log buildings made from solid log. Another branch o...
Prefabricated buildings of wood and elements , Products of wood, cork, straw and plaiting materials , 82
Palkmajad OÜ (10998365) 0.30 (2014)
Builds a large or a small house out of logs, according to the customer’s wishes – it may be clas...
Prefabricated buildings of wood and elements , 82
PALMSE PUIT OÜ (11435066) 0.00 (2013)
Palmse Puit OÜ founded in 2007. We are a family company. We produce: 1. Furniture, details. 2...
Wood, Furniture, Construction materials, Wooden doors, windows, shutters and frames, Kitchen furniture, Other furniture, We looking stable cooperation with manufactures, dealers, architects, designers, builders. 82
SAARE EREK AS (10123057) 7.00 (2014)
We are a company with long traditions – founded at 1944 and updated in 1990. We have 100 people wo...
Specialised construction activities, We are looking reliable resellers for our wooden products, with whom we can have long-term partnership- gardenhouses, sheds, garages, pavilions, greenhouses, pools, hot tubs etc. 82
SKP Invest OÜ (11476740) 0.20 (2014)
Forestry experience since 2001. Forest and land are resources that should be managed sustainably ...
Wood, Prefabricated buildings of wood and elements , Sawn wood, Firewood, We are looking for investors who would like to invest in forest and agricultural land in Estonia.
We assist investors in all legal matters, including the establishment of companies. Not yet being a resident of Estonia is not an obstacle.
Sunorek AS (10042896) 8.00 (2013)
Sunorek develops, manufactures and markets high quality made-to measure window blinds, wardrobe syst...
Manufacturing, Wooden doors, windows, shutters and frames, Veneer sheets, wood-based panels, Furniture, interior design, building, retail 82
Timbermen OÜ (11498196) 0.10 (2013)
Wood, Firewood, - 82
Triowood OÜ (12110455) 0.00 (2014)
Triowood OÜ is based on private capital. The company itself is young, but founders have experiences...
Wood, Other fabricated metal products, Equitation - horse rails, cavalettis. Metal products - like on the pictures (trailers, grills, greenhouses etc.). 82
Tuulest Productions OÜ (11911166) 0.10 (2013)
Stairs, staircase railings, Spiral staircases....
Furniture, Specialised construction activities, Other fabricated metal products, - 82
Virumaa Metsatööstus AS (10132791) 3.60 (2014)
Birch furniture manufacturer....
Sawn wood, Furniture sellers, furniture wholesalers. 82
Woodcandle OÜ (12376207) 0.00 (2013)
We produce wooden candle's/torche's for creating decorative live fire. Also natural single-use grill...
Firewood, Products of wood, cork, straw and plaiting materials , Retail-and wholesale trade. 82
ALCANTRA OÜ (10785999) 2.20 (2013)
OÜ Alcantrais a fast developing company that started business in 2001. Our principal activity is th...
Wood, Furniture, Other furniture, 79