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Food and drinks production is the largest industry in Estonia by production volume. Local producers have been able to maintain a leading position in Estonia while also expanding into foreign markets. Exports make up about one third of the total production volume. In addition to the big players, quite a large number of small producers are active in the market, and many of these offer healthy and ecologically-friendly products. 

Estonian drinks manufacturers produce various alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks such as beer, mead, cider, long drinks (otherwise called tall drinks, these being mixed drinks), kvass, fruit and berry wines, energy drinks, a wide range soft drinks such as bottled water and natural mineral water, ice tea, fizzy drinks, lemonade, vegetable, fruit and berry juice, nectar, and smoothies, etc. 

The dairy industry in Estonia is the most important sub-sector, being responsible for producing raw milk (unpasteurised milk), butter, cheese (such as edam and gouda-type cheeses, etc), yogurt, cottage cheese, quark (a fresh dairy product that uses sour milk), ice cream, condensed milk, and other milk products. 

The meat processing industry produces a wide range of meat-based products, including minced meat products, smoked products, chilled meat, frozen products, canned meat, and prepared meals. A wide range of all kinds of meat products can be included here, from grilled sausages, hams, cold cuts, roulades, wieners and frankfurters, to smoked sausages, pâtés, salamis, meat snacks, barbecue meats, burgers, and beef. 

The fish processing industry sells fresh and frozen fish, canned fish, and quality smoked, marinated and salted fish products that includes Baltic herrings, sprats, salmon, and sea herring. 

Bakery and confectionery products include bread (which covers rye breads, crispy rye breads, wheat breads, sweet wheat breads, graham breads, and buns), pastries (both savoury and sweet), fine bakery products (cakes, desserts, and ready-made sponge cakes), pizzas, sandwiches, frozen pastries, and other bakery products, plus cake decoration and marzipan figurines, etc.

Food and drinks producers are represented by the Association of Estonian Food Industry, which was founded in 1993. There are also a number of unions for eco-producers such as, for example, Eesti Mahetootjate Liit MTÜ (the Estonian Organic Producers Association) and Mahepõllumajanduse Koostöökogu (the Organic Farming Partnership).


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Name turnover m€ (last) Sectors Target industry %
Kikas oü (10112763) 3.50 (2013)
We are a developing supplier on the Estonian and Baltic markets of cooking and processed meat and cu...
Food and Beverage, Catering,Fast food, 73
Alis Co Estonia OÜ (11987564) 1.10 (2014)
Alis Co Estonia OÜ is dealing with different kind of nuts, dried fruits and seeds. Please contact u...
Other food products, Food, Alis Co Estonia OÜ is looking for distributors to EU and Scandinavian countries. 67
AS JAPS M.V.M. (10550724) 5.50 (2014)
Producer of handpeeled shrimps, brined shellfish, different oilmarinated shellfish, food and apple v...
Fish, crustaceans and molluscs in the processing and preservation, Consumer packaging and horerca 64
MVL Trade Company OU (12134941)
We are a supplier of food additives and food ingredients for different branches of the food-processi...
Dairy products, Bakery and confectionery products, Other food products, Food-processing undustry. 61
Agh llc (9324) 1000000.00 (2016)
we are trading company copy paper copper wire food products...
Food and Beverage, paper 58
Berrymush OÜ (12699287) 0.00 (2014)
We are company that trades with mushrooms and berries. chanterelles, boletus, blueberries, cranberr...
Other food products, mushrooms and berries 47