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Name turnover m€ (last) Sectors Target industry %
Eesti Pagar AS (10080750) 40.60 (2015)
Eesti Pagar is the leading Estonian producer of fresh and frozen bakery products....
Bakery and confectionery products, Wholesalers and Distributors with own client data base and logistics solutions. Retail chains. Producers of Bakery products who want to enlarge their assortment and exchange products. 100
Johni Apelsinike OÜ (12356713) 0.10 (2014)
Johni Apelsinike OÜ produces luxury confectionery: soft fudge, candied fruits & vegetables....
Bakery and confectionery products, Retail (food resellers) Restaurants Confectionery contract manufacturers 100
SPICEPOINT OÜ (14173626) 0.00 (2017)
Distributor of all kind of spices, nuts, herbs, seeds, food supplements and molecular products....
Dairy products, Fish, crustaceans and molluscs in the processing and preservation, Beverage, Bakery and confectionery products, Sweets & snack food, Other food products, Food, We are looking for clients in food and beverage sectors- restaurants, catering companies, bakery and patisseries , meat, fish, and dairy processing companies, retailers and distributors. 100
Kuldkäpp OÜ (11091081) 0.20 (2013)
Our main business is producing handmade cake decorations and figurines of marzipan....
Food and Beverage, Bakery and confectionery products, Sweets & snack food, Wholesalers for confectionery/bakery industries and retail chains. 97
Rebaseonu.ee OÜ (11209625) 0.20 (2013)
Rebaseonu.ee is first Estonian company accepted by Estonian Food and Veterinary Board who makes trad...
Meat processing and preserving of meat products, Bakery and confectionery products, Food resellers, catering, restaurants 97
Nordhaus OÜ (10917219) 1.90 (2013)
Producer of frozen bakery products....
Food and Beverage, Bakery and confectionery products, Reseller, wholesaler, producer. 94
Vändra Ökopagar OÜ (10583238) 1.00 (2014)
We are Estonia's one of the biggest manufacturer of eco and mild bakery products. We have different ...
Food and Beverage, Bakery and confectionery products, Other food products, Food, HoReCa , Food trade, Overall commerce, Retail, Wholesale 94
Eesti Sai OÜ (11384707) 0.90 (2013)
We focus on customer specific products and aim long-term partnership. Our strength is competence and...
Food and Beverage, Bakery and confectionery products, Food service, in-shop bake-off points, HoReCa. 88
ESTONIAN MALT OÜ (10062373) 1.00 (2013)
Eesti Leivalinnase OÜ is a leading red and white rye bread malt producer in Baltic States for Europ...
Bakery and confectionery products, Bakeries, food ingredients resellers, distributors and manufacturers. 88
Leibur AS (10224864) 31.90 (2013)
Leibur is Estonian leading and oldest bread manufacturer whose market share is almost one-third of t...
Bakery and confectionery products, - 85
Pagaripoisid OÜ (10381865) 4.80 (2014)
Pagaripoisid is one of the biggest Estonian frozen bakery and confectionery products producer. The B...
Food and Beverage, Bakery and confectionery products, We are currently looking for partners in HoReCa and wholesale sectors. 85
Eesti Müsli OÜ (11835185) 0.00 (2013)
We produce müsli, muesli, granola, müsli products (muesli bars, 350g retail products, 500g retail ...
Bakery and confectionery products, Retail, Wholesale, Production of IceCream, Production of Yogurt. 82
Hagar AS (10020297) 5.30 (2014)
AS Hallik manufactures bakery products under the brand name Hagar and is the 5th biggest manufacture...
Bakery and confectionery products, - 82
MVL Trade Company OU (12134941)
We are a supplier of food additives and food ingredients for different branches of the food-processi...
Dairy products, Bakery and confectionery products, Other food products, Food-processing undustry. 61