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The number of companies that offer business services in Estonia is high. Many companies offer a wide range of business services at a highly competitive and modern level. 

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Name turnover m€ (last) Sectors Target industry %
VALNES AS (10193069) 3.00 (2014)
Production and assembling of security locks and access solutions, selling of projects, as well as pr...
Electronics and Optics, Engineering agencies, Locksmiths, lock shops, building material shops, metal and wooden door manufacturers, architects. 97
Visar Studio (12115932) 0.10 (2013)
Stereoscopic animation and Graphic Design studio....
Advertising and design activities, - 97
Vivalte & Co OÜ (10964710) 0.20 (2013)
Vivalte is an export agency that helps by providing its products and services enterprising people as...
Business services, Financial services, finance, banking
financial accounting
Web development
Internet marketing
Vuupala Systems OÜ (11903892) 0.10 (2016)
We offer wide range of ICT services: project management, UX/UI analysis and design, data model desig...
Business services, Information Technology and Telecommunications, Software, hardware, Computer programming and consultancy activities, Data processing, hosting, web portals, e-marketing, Energy, Banking, Retail, Public Sector, Transport, Tourism, Manufacturing 97
Wiedemanni Tõlkebüroo OÜ (10617629) 0.60 (2013)
Wiedemanni Translation Bureau - the leading translator into Baltic languages in Estonia. We translat...
Translation services, We are looking for intermediaries (translation and localization companies) as well as end clients.
As technical translations account for the majority of our business, we would be primarily interested in finding companies who may need translation and localization of technical, marketing and PR, legal, educational etc materials into the languages of the Baltic countries simultaneously or separately (translation and localization companies, marketing and advertising firms, producers, manufacturers and exporters of different goods who are interested in the East European market and may have user manuals, marketing materials etc that may need translation and localization).
Fields of specialization: manufacturers, sellers and exporters of home electronics, industrial machinery and automatics, agricultural machinery, medical equipment, electronic appliances, car industry products, IT and software etc. etc.
Ziraff OÜ (11682639) 0.20 (2014)
Ziraff is an e-services expert. We focus on three main areas - finance and accounting, e-health and ...
Advertising and design activities, Computer programming and consultancy activities, 1) Finance and accounting e-services;
2) Health e-services;
3) Government e-services;
4) Telecom e-services.
A&A Lingua OÜ (10560680) 0.20 (2013)
Established in 1999, A&A Lingua offers high-quality translation services in the fields of law, finan...
Translation services, We are interested in finding clients who require high quality-translation and localization service in the fields of economics, banking, medicine, advertising, science, technology and other. 94
Ako In OÜ (12065016) 0.00 (2013)
Estonian furniture, interior and architectural design company. More than 9 years of work experience....
Interior design, architecture, - 94
ARISTA HRS OÜ (11082018) 0.20 (2014)
ARISTA was founded by senior executive search consultants with 20 years of experience form search & ...
Business services, Legal activities, Agriculture & Forestry / Environmental sciences / Banking / Insurance / Finance / Construction / Real estate / Electronics / Telecommunication / Energetics & Utility / Health care / Pharmacy / Medicine / Information technology / Manufacturing / FMCG / Retail / 94
AS Maru Ehitus (10714568) 29.00 (2014)
Our goal is to provide high-quality services that meet our clients’ expectations. Our expertise in...
Engineering agencies, Construction of metal structures, Houses and buildings, - 94
Aspis Disain OÜ (12776125) 0.00 (2014)
We produce beautiful things of wood and other materials. We value materials and simple shapes. Our...
Furniture, Kitchen furniture, Living-room furniture, Bedroom furniture, Office and shop furniture, Interior design, architecture, Furniture 94
BDO Eesti AS (10309827) 1.40 (2013)
Thanks to an international reach and extensive local experience, BDO Eesti AS can support your busin...
Business services, BDO is a valuable resource for the demanding and ambitious client who needs professional, flexible support for their principal line of work. One of the things that makes us special is the close, personal relationships we maintain with our clients. 94
DIDYK PICTURES OÜ (11152428) 0.00 (2013)
Didyk Pictures is a commercial photography company specializing in food and beverage shooting. We ow...
Business services, Advertising and design activities, Packaging industry, Food & Beverage packaging. 94
EKSAMO AS (10360248) 1.80 (2015)
Custom design engineering, machine building, CAD-design, machine component manufacturing, fabricatio...
Manufacturing, Metalworking, Machinery, Engineering agencies, MIG, TIG, Aluminum welding, Construction of metal structures, CNC-machining, Machinery equipment/tools, Manufacture of structural metal products , Machinery components, Machine building, Machine engineering, Heavy machinery, Mining equipment, construction machinery. 94
Geodeesia 24 OÜ (12135099) 0.00 (2014)
Geodeesia 24 LLC is an innovative geodesy company with professional staff. We carry out geodetic sur...
Engineering agencies, Surveying
Civil and Industrial
Oil, gas, offshore
Film and entertainment
H1 Communication Estonia OÜ (11041218) 0.00 (2015)
We provide outsourced call centre services and solutions, in all Scandinavian languages, remotely or...
Service, Business services, All sectors that may require customer service, technical support, answering service or telemarketing services. 94
HR factory OÜ (11079430) 0.00 (2013)
HR factory is a highly specialised provider of HR consultations and services. We have established ou...
Business services, HR has an important role in all companies and we do not limit our services with a specific industry. 94
InDoors OÜ (10562012) 0.00 (2013)
Architectural and interior design projects from ideas to finished building....
Interior design, architecture, Any privat or commercial customer who needs something designed, planned, furnished, built, painted, tiled, roofed, restored - inside or outside. 94
Infragate Eesti AS (10845129) 1.30 (2014)
AS Infragate Eesti (former AS Eesti Veevärk Konsultatsioon) is established in 2002 on the basis of ...
Engineering agencies, - Consultancy engineering and/or
- Design and/or
- Project management and/or
- Owner supervision
In areas of infrastructures (water & wastewater, roads & bridges).
KOPPEL patendibüroo OÜ (12088342) 0.00 (2014)
Estonian and European patent, trade mark and design attorneys...
Legal activities, Electronics, computer science, ICT 94