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The number of companies that offer business services in Estonia is high. Many companies offer a wide range of business services at a highly competitive and modern level. 

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Name turnover m€ (last) Sectors Target industry %
Sounds Of Science OÜ (11901924) 1.00 (2014)
Sounds Of Science (also called SOFSCI) is a Skype spin-off, inspired by the need for better acousti...
Furniture, Construction materials, Advertising and design activities, Interior design, architecture, Designers, architects, homes, offices, HiFi, Home Cinema 85
Toimetaja tõlkebüroo (12725926) 0.20 (2017)
Transly Translation Agency is Estonian translation agency. We bring together gifted translators and ...
Business services, Translation services, Data processing, hosting, web portals, e-marketing, IT, manufacturing, production, services. 85
TVK Baltic OÜ (10527889)
Main operations are sales of spare parts, attachments, tyres, batteries and chargers for all types o...
Engineering agencies, Machinery equipment/tools, 85
Vahvacon Eesti OÜ (12367734) 0.10 (2015)
We offer engineering technical design services. Scope of our activities: HVAC (heating, ventilation ...
Energy technology, Water supply; sewerage, waste management and remediation activities , Engineering agencies, HVAC systems design
Sewerage and water supply systems design
MEP systems design
Gas and compressed air systems design
Design of boiler houses
Project management
Real estate development
Industrial HVAC systems development
Vesterra OÜ (12012209) 0.00 (2013)
Vesterra consults customers concerning land use and environmental issues - administrative procedures...
Engineering agencies, We provide services for foreign agencies and companies concerning communication and official procedures with public authorities or spatial planning activities. There is a willingness to act as a sub-contracter (cartography, consultancy services) 85
Advokaadibüroo Lepmets & Nõges OÜ (12488538) 0.00 (2013)
Lepmets & Nõges embodies a new generation of law firms that provides quality legal advice and repre...
Legal activities, Legal Activities 82
Advokaadibüroo LMP OÜ (12045166) 0.30 (2014)
Tanel Melk & Partners Law Firm is a classic Estonian law firm, which is mainly specialised to privat...
Legal activities, Legal industry 82
Advokaadibüroo Soop OÜ (10997810) 0.00 (2013)
We advise clients in real estate transactions and legal questions related to companies and everyday ...
Legal activities, - 82
Aroz3d OÜ (11875084) 0.40 (2014)
Equipment and machinery designing and drawings. Visions, 3D models, drawings, and more....
Engineering agencies, - 82
Baltic IT Solutions OÜ (10988099) 0.10 (2013)
Web software development, usability analysis and expert evaluation of web-sites and information syst...
Advertising and design activities, Computer programming and consultancy activities, E-commerce, payment systems, software development. 82
Branding Estonia OÜ (11769028) 0.10 (2013)
Branding Estonia OÜ is the company name of Estonian EXPO Center. Estonian EXPO Center is the world ...
Business services, Companies that are looking for foreign business partners. 82
Design Expert OÜ (11312027) 0.00 (2013)
Interior, graphic design, 3d visualization...
Advertising and design activities, - 82
eD Insenerid OÜ (11715469) 0.20 (2013)
eD Insenerid OÜ is a company created by experts in their respective profession, specialising in ele...
Engineering agencies, - 82
Ernst & Young Baltic AS (10877299) 6.50 (2013)
We assemble the right multi-disciplinary team for your business, drawing on our global talent pool, ...
Service, Business services, - 82
Flow Service OÜ (11157325) 1.60 (2013)
Engineering agencies, - 82
HeiVäl OÜ (10458639) 0.10 (2014)
HeiVäl Consulting manages constant positive changes in organizations. Our work is based on trustw...
Business services, Consulting companys as a cooperation partners.

All organizations that have an important customesr and employees feedback.
HUMAL Elektroonika OÜ (10352958) 0.10 (2013)
Electronic R&D, manufacturer of FlashStamp(R) equipment....
Engineering agencies, Machinery equipment/tools, - 82
Hümüstuudio Eesti OÜ (10363850) 0.80 (2013)
CityMed Grupp OÜ is holding company who have two main lines: 1) Dental clinics in Estonia and Finla...
Business services, Medical services, Medical 82
IB Genetics OÜ (11420515) 0.30 (2013)
IB Genetics is a privately owned company of molecular diagnostics. IB Genetics offers following serv...
Medical services, Research field, Healthcare service providers. 82
Maves AS (10097377) 0.60 (2013)
Maves Ltd is one of the leading environmental and consultancy companies in Estonia. Our fields of ex...
Business services, - 82