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Due to Estonia’s favourable geographical location, the transit sector has an important share in the country’s economy. The infrastructure - including the railway, port and airport - have been modernised and many modern logistics houses have been built.

Estonian transport and logistics companies offers a full range of high-quality services in logistics and forwarding, while also organising the storage of goods, providing customs clearance and brokering services, preparing declarations of goods and organising the payment of import charges and state fees. They are able to find the best solution for the client from any point between departure to arrival at any destination in the world. 

In order to promote Estonia as a transit country, the Estonian Logistics Cluster was formed in 2010.

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Name turnover m€ (last) Sectors Target industry %
Bestway Grupp OÜ (11378581) 3.50 (2014)
Bestway Group OÜ is road transport and forwarding company, which based on the Estonian capital. We...
Transport and Logistics, All logistics solutions and services from one place one number one company. 88
CF&S Estonia AS (10139213) 52.00 (2015)
CF&S is a logistics group established in 1997. The head office of CF&S is located in Tallinn, Estoni...
Transport and Logistics, producers,; forwarders, controlling flows to interesting regions; High and Heavy cargo, groupage and part load transport by road, container (LCL & FCL), Ship owners. 88
Freselle OÜ (10265372) 4.00 (2014)
Freselle was founded in 1995. Since then, our profile and experience has evolved and developed us in...
Transport and Logistics, Manufacturing,
household goods,
food products,
metal products,
sawn timber,
round wood,
paper and other general cargoes.
LAJOS AS (10132895) 7.60 (2014)
Lajos AS is privately owned road transport company. It has two subsidiaries: Lajos LV in Latvia and ...
Transport and Logistics, Road transport, We looking for partners who use road transport for shipments. Particularly looking for partners in Italy and in Sweden. 88
SAKU AB AS (10055551) 2.00 (2014)
Saku AB is a transport company who makes truck transport in Europe....
Road transport, 88
Scanrapid Eesti OÜ (10652755) 2.30 (2013)
Scanrapid Estonia OÜ offers a full range of high-quality services in logistics and forwarding. Acti...
Transport and Logistics, Logistics 88
SilSteve AS (11130332) 6.90 (2013)
SILSTEVE is a multifunctional terminal in the Port of Sillamäe, Estonia, serving cargo flows betwee...
Transport and Logistics, Road transport, Water transport, Rail transport, 88
Tallinna Sadam AS (Port of Tallinn) (10137319) 111.00 (2014)
Port of Tallinn is a state-owned limited liability company and operates as an intermodal hub, handli...
Transport and Logistics, Water transport, - 88
4U Logistics OÜ (11518177) 0.80 (2013)
Our main areas of activity are customs agent services, warehouse services and the offering of logist...
Transport and Logistics, Air transport, Road transport, Water transport, Forwarding and transportation, Customs Agency. 85
Aerogistica OÜ (10676230) 0.00 (2009)
Aerogistica is a provider of Air and Sea Freight services to and from Estonia. Our scope of services...
Transport and Logistics, Air transport, Water transport, International air and sea freight forwarding all over the world 85
ATLAS BALTIC OÜ (11557929) 0.00 (2016)
Logistic services incl. Port agency in all main Baltic ports, Freight forwarding, Chartering, Custom...
Transport and Logistics, Maritime transport related trade, Customs related assistance for all traders involved into import / export operations in Estonia. 85
Bomin Baltic AS (10685559) 64.00 (2009)
Bunkering company...
Transport and Logistics, Water transport, - petroleum oil industry 85
Bullet Express OÜ (11659989) 1.00 (2014)
Bullet Express is a quality forwarding company, offering full-range logistics services and is 100% b...
Transport and Logistics, Air transport, Road transport, Water transport, Rail transport, 85
EcoSped OÜ (10876868) 1.60 (2013)
EcoSped is an Estonian company that offers years of specialist experience within the freight forward...
Transport and Logistics, Road transport, Water transport, Rail transport, - 85
Ferroline Grupp OÜ (10713480) 12.40 (2013)
Our main activities are dedicated to provide international and domestic cargo transport services, ca...
Transport and Logistics, - 85
Hansatrans OÜ (10715289) 1.40 (2013)
We offer to our clients door-to-door logistics solutions for oversized cargo with appropriate transp...
Transport and Logistics, - 85
LINTER- TRANSPORT AS (10136663) 2.90 (2014)
Our main activity is international road transport. We have constantly moving 30 road trains with til...
Transport and Logistics, Road transport, - 85
Logistika Pluss OÜ (10364192) 0.00 (2013)
Logistika Pluss OÜ is the largest warehouse keeper in Estonia, offering a range of different logist...
Transport and Logistics, International industrial and electronics groups, manufacturers and importers of food products, alcohol and basic commodities. 85
Trans Herbert OÜ (10153383) 1.10 (2015)
Over 20 years of experience on road transport in Baltic States, Scandinavia, CIS countries, West / ...
Transport and Logistics, Road transport, - 85
Alekon Cargo OÜ (11436114) 2.40 (2013)
The main business activities of Alekon Cargo OÜ are loading, unloading, warehousing and storage of ...
Transport and Logistics, 82