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Estonia supports a strong and competitive construction industry, with well-developed industry manufacturing construction materials. Due to the specific qualities of most construction materials (as a rule they are large and heavy), exports are directed mainly towards the nearest neighbours, these being Latvia, Lithuania, and Finland, as well as Russia.

There is a wide range of building materials being produced in Estonia, mainly sawn timber and cement, building blocks, roofing materials, prefabricated structural components for house building (prefab homes), and civil engineering, etc.

Estonian construction companies are looking out for cooperation opportunities with industrial enterprises and construction companies, resellers, retailers, and wholesalers, etc. 

The main union for the industry is the Association of Construction Material Producers of Estonia, but the Estonian Concrete Union is also an active body.


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Name turnover m€ (last) sort Sectors Target industry %
Aeroc Jämerä AS (10198948) 7.80 (2013)
Construction materials industry - equipment and technology projection, lime production, etc....
Construction materials, 79
EFIPA AS (10103540) 1.40 (2013)
Manufacturing and selling district heating substations, heat exchangers, boiler plants. Building ind...
Construction materials, Bioenergy, Solar power, Construction industry. 97
MULTI METALL OÜ (10714947) 0.00 (2009)
Door and window accessories....
Construction materials, 82
Hansas Plaaditurg AS (10570135)
AS Hansas Plaaditurg is specialized in import of ceramic tiles and in retail and wholesale of tiles....
Construction materials, Resale of ceramic tiles. 88
OÜ TMB Element (12560626) 18.00 (2014)
Technical design, manufacturing and assembly of prefabricated concrete products (design-build of pre...
Manufacturing, Construction materials, Real estate development, construction. 88
Clyde Bergemann Eesti AS (10406163) 4.60 (2013)
Clayde Bergemann Eesti established in 1993. Company located in Tallinn, Estonia (good pass to Railwa...
Construction materials, Manufacture of structural metal products , Machinery components, Looking forward for cooperation in: Power industry; Materials Handling; Building Metal-Structures. 97
MERKUUR OÜ (11544602)
We deal with steels! Aluminium, brass, cuprum, stainless steel, carbon steel....
Construction materials, Steel Industry 91
Profeld Ehitus OÜ (11099007) 0.10 (2014)
Construction company. Main field is private residence constructions, but we also offer complete solu...
Construction materials, - 85
Profeld Ehituskaup OÜ (11402233)
Online shop for building materials....
Construction materials, - 82
Kuldnokk OÜ (11492354) 0.10 (2013)
Producing samples of construction materials to be exhibited in shops, presented in trade fairs, used...
Construction materials, Business services, Advertising and design activities, 88
Katri AS (10028382) 1.80 (2013)
Main business activities are construction and construction materials wholesale and retail....
Construction materials, Houses and buildings, - 82
Paadisildade OÜ (11570290) 0.30 (2014)
We produce floating bridges, pontoons, harbours and mooring solutions. Our main product line is base...
Construction materials, Products of wood, cork, straw and plaiting materials , 79
Jürgensohn Production OÜ (11320038) 0.10 (2013)
We are selling glued wood (glued laminated timber). Work with us is very easy, because stock situati...
Wood, Construction materials, Wooden doors, windows, shutters and frames, Products of wood, cork, straw and plaiting materials , Furniture producers, building material resellers, builders, log house producers. 88
OFFING Glass OÜ (11666400) 0.10 (2013)
Sheet glass...
Furniture, Glass & glass products, Construction materials, - 76
Interial OÜ (11515374)
Interior finishing materials....
Construction materials, - 82
Passion Group OÜ (12213959) 0.00 (2013)
Passion Group is a producer of the first Smart Design House in the world. This is an all inclusive m...
Construction materials, Prefabricated buildings of wood and elements , - 76
RKLK Grupp OÜ (12201063) 0.00 (2013)
Exporting constructional materials. Offering building services in Estonia and in Finland....
Construction materials, Construction industy. 88
Novarc Group (10226774) 3.00 (2015)
Novarc is an architectural and consulting engineering company active for 25 years. The name Novarc r...
Construction materials, Water supply; sewerage, waste management and remediation activities , Engineering agencies, Interior design, architecture, Construction; Real Estate development Architecture; Engineering; Design 85
ECO Timber & Finishing OÜ (12074647) 0.00 (2015)
The official distributor of Paint Eco products in Estonia and Finland. Paint Eco products are base...
Wood, Chemicals & chemical products, Construction materials, Construction, Wholesaler, Retail Seller, Furniture Manufacturers 94
Granite Marble Industry OÜ (12199283) 0.00 (2014)
Granite Marble Industry OÜ have our own factory where we dress marble, granite and quartize. We can...
Manufacturing, Furniture, Construction materials, Kitchen furniture, Bathroom/sauna furniture, kitchen furniture companies, kitchen showrooms, designers, architects 85