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The production of electrical and optical equipment has been one of the most rapidly developing industry sectors in Estonia. Its growth has been achieved by introducing new value-added products and increased levels of efficiency. The sector is strongly orientated towards foreign markets as most of the large companies are foreign-capital owned. 

Estonian companies are producers of various electronic components, such as communications network equipment, mobile equipment, computers and computer parts, medical equipment, hearing aids, power distribution equipment, generators, electrical drives, microcontrollers, measuring equipment, and various forms of optical-mechanical technology, etc.

The Estonian Electronics Industries Association represents the interests of electronics producers. 


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Name turnover m€ (last) Sectors Target industry %
Valveekspert OÜ (11461098) 0.00 (2013)
Guard services....
Electronics and Optics, - 82
ALPPILUX OÜ (10620962) 5.70 (2013)
ALPPILUX - IDEAL LIGHTING SOLUTIONS. Alppilux is privately-owned company which develops and manufact...
Electronics and Optics, 79
Elektro Nordic OU (12184235) 0.00 (2013)
Electronics and Optics, Engineering agencies, Electronic components and boards, Air transport, Telecommunications, Wind power, Solar power, Wind turbine generators, - 79
HTT INSTRUMENT OÜ (10331011) 0.00 (2013)
Electronics and Optics, 79
OSHINO Electronics Estonia OÜ (10842208) 1.80 (2013)
-PCB assemblies SMT and Thru-Hole, Device assemblies, Testing, Burn in. -Fast and High-level protot...
Manufacturing, Electronics and Optics, Electronic components and boards, - 79
PIPERON OÜ (10616630)
Electro-energetic Materials and Equipment Ceramic products...
Electronic components and boards, 79
RD Electronic AS (10108514) 3.20 (2014)
AS RD Electronic offers high-quality manufacturing services for electronics and electromechanical....
Electronics and Optics, 79
Rinaldo Lighting OÜ (11384452) 0.40 (2014)
Rinaldo Lighting OÜ is a wholesale trader of lighting, lighting products and components also a bro...
Electronics and Optics, 79
Wintech AS (10220926) 1.80 (2013)
Wintech AS is an EMS company and offers large range of services: purchase of components,assembly of ...
Electronic components and boards, Industrial ,automotive. 79
Elsorel OÜ (10239541)
Machinery, Electronics and Optics, - 76
Fineltec Baltic OÜ (10728062) 1.00 (2013)
Subcontractor for electronics, electromechanics and wires/cable harnesses...
Electronics and Optics, Machinery components, Electronics, Electrical, Electromechanical, Machinery, Energetics, Power grid, Process automation, Robotics 76
myLAMP OÜ (12153128) 0.00 (2013)
myLAMP LTD is a Estonian company specializing in designing, developing and manufacturing LED bas...
Electronics and Optics, Companies who sell lamps for indoor and outdoor use. 76
Neuron Systems OÜ (10319286) 0.60 (2013)
Commercial enterprise communication, administration, remote readings from impluse counters (develope...
Electronics and Optics, Information Technology and Telecommunications, 76
Heliruum (12335579) 0.00 (2014)
Audio production services: recording studios, mixing, mastering. Live event services: sound, lights...
Electronics and Optics, Business services, Information Technology and Telecommunications, Engineering agencies, Software, hardware, We are looking to import, buy and resell pro audio products here in Estonia, offer training, studio and live services for Scandinavia, Baltic states, Western Europe. 73
Papalamp OÜ (14058428) 0.00 (2017)
LED Track lights wholesale, production and installation. LED lights for shops, galleries, museums an...
Manufacturing, Electronics and Optics, Retail lighting 67
Cotedi OÜ (14367419) 0.30 (2017)
We are a company active in the field of consumer electronics distribution, operating on the Baltic a...
Electronics and Optics, Consumer electronics resellers 64
Ledshop OÜ (12360100) 0.00 (2015)
The company has been founded in Estonia with 100% Estonian capital. Within the time it has developed...
Electronics and Optics, Looking forward to have distributors abroad for our industrial lights (LS-HAMK) product family. 58