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The production of electrical and optical equipment has been one of the most rapidly developing industry sectors in Estonia. Its growth has been achieved by introducing new value-added products and increased levels of efficiency. The sector is strongly orientated towards foreign markets as most of the large companies are foreign-capital owned. 

Estonian companies are producers of various electronic components, such as communications network equipment, mobile equipment, computers and computer parts, medical equipment, hearing aids, power distribution equipment, generators, electrical drives, microcontrollers, measuring equipment, and various forms of optical-mechanical technology, etc.

The Estonian Electronics Industries Association represents the interests of electronics producers. 


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Name turnover m€ (last) Sectors Target industry %
M JA P NURST AS (10029335) 6.00 (2014)
Our basic activity is manufacturing electric assembly materials, assembling electronic PCBs, making ...
Electronics and Optics, Moulding, Machinery equipment/tools, - 91
PKC Eesti AS (10858008) 144.30 (2013)
PKC Group offers design and contract manufacturing services for wiring harnesses, cabling and electr...
Machinery components, Electronic components and boards, Vehicle/electronic industries. 91
Brandner PCB OÜ (10285280) 1.70 (2014)
Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) prototype production - ultrafast manufacturing in 24-72h lead time for...
Electronic components and boards, Electronics, automatics, small scale prototyping 88
ETAL Group AS (10285742) 1.10 (2014)
ETAL Group is a leading supplier of inductive components for the telecom, power technology, automoti...
Electronic components and boards, Defence, power technology, telecom, automotive, pharmaceutical, aviation, etc. 88
Ionix Systems OÜ (10581989) 3.00 (2013)
Ionix Systems Limited (part of the Amphenol Corporation Group) is a specialist designer and manufact...
Manufacturing, Electronics and Optics, Machinery components, Aerospace,
Renewable Power Generation,
Laser Diagnostic Instruments AS (10390775) 0.10 (2013)
LDI is an Estonian private corporation, operating in the area of research, development, manufacturin...
Electronics and Optics, Water supply; sewerage, waste management and remediation activities , Engineering agencies, Machinery equipment/tools, - 88
Smart Motor Devices OÜ (12107697) 0.00 (2014)
Smart Motor Devices OÜ is a professional manufacturer of high-quality motion control products for i...
Electronics and Optics, Packaging and Labeling Machines, CNC machines, Robotics, Vending Machines, Textile Machines, Metalworking and Woodworking Machines, Health Care Equipment, Household Appliances. 88
Airwave OÜ (10619261) 4.00 (2009)
Airwave is a well known distributor of air-conditioners and installation materials in Baltic states....
Electronics and Optics, air conditioner installers 85
Bros OÜ (11882612) 0.00 (2013)
Bros OÜ is an international manufacturer and distributor of LED lighting solutions. Our company has...
Electronics and Optics, Wholesalers and distributors of automotive accessories and equipment, construction market chains. 85
Hardmeier OÜ (10059431) 1.00 (2013)
OÜ Hardmeier started its activities in the field of manufacturing and installing of passage systems...
Manufacturing, Electronics and Optics, - 85
Inission Tallinn OÜ (11716730) 5.00 (2014)
INISSION offers a full circle of services, ranging from component supply and storage to manufacturin...
Electronics and Optics, Electronic components and boards, We are looking for industrial companies who are interested in electronics manufacturing partners and are active in marine, industry, safety & control technology, medical and health technology, measuring instruments or automotive markets. 85
Reimax Electronics OÜ (11112067) 4.00 (2013)
Reimax Electronics OÜ is a flexible producer in electronics field with a target to be in active rol...
Electronic components and boards, EMS companies 85
AL Systems OÜ (11126709) 0.40 (2013)
We ensure to our customers flexible and rational complex service beginning with consultation and fea...
Electronic components and boards, Computer programming and consultancy activities, The major of our customers form food processing industries, water supply and energy companies in Estonia as well as abroad. The most important coal of AL Systems is to offer its customers innovative solutions created by well-educated professionals. 82
Energel Estonia OÜ (11019793)
Your partner in energy business....
Electronics and Optics, Energy technology, Machinery equipment/tools, - 82
Eurolink OÜ (11023464) 4.00 (2010)
Eurolink is wholesale supplier of wide range consumer goods of famous world leading brands as Panaso...
Electronics and Optics, - 82
I.V.A. LEON OÜ (10145550)
Electronics and Optics, - 82
iComTV OÜ (11608325) 0.00 (2013)
Our goal is to develop new media channels for contemporary marketplace. We are developing the best a...
Electronics and Optics, 82
RENOVAAR OÜ (10262178)
Renovaar main operating areas are retail- and wholesale of accumulators, batteries and professional ...
Electronics and Optics, - 82
Tehnolabor OÜ (12079863) 0.10 (2013)
Electronics and Optics, Telecommunication, energy, goverments. 82
TET Estel AS (10668696) 7.80 (2014)
Tallinn Electrical Engineering Factory "Estel" traces its history back to 1870 and is one of the lea...
Manufacturing, Electronics and Optics, aviation, railways, mining, metallurgy, mechanical and power engineering 82