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The production of electrical and optical equipment has been one of the most rapidly developing industry sectors in Estonia. Its growth has been achieved by introducing new value-added products and increased levels of efficiency. The sector is strongly orientated towards foreign markets as most of the large companies are foreign-capital owned. 

Estonian companies are producers of various electronic components, such as communications network equipment, mobile equipment, computers and computer parts, medical equipment, hearing aids, power distribution equipment, generators, electrical drives, microcontrollers, measuring equipment, and various forms of optical-mechanical technology, etc.

The Estonian Electronics Industries Association represents the interests of electronics producers. 


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Name turnover m€ (last) Sectors Target industry %
Energiatehnika OÜ (10226648) 0.50 (2013)
Energia Llt is value added distributor, developer and system integrator of electrical drives, measur...
Electronics and Optics, Energy technology, Engineering agencies, Electrical transport utilities; producers of electrical equipment, transport vehicles, machine tools, automated lines, robotics, paper machines, textile machines, building machines. 100
AirPatrol OÜ (12251902) 1.00 (2015)
AirPatrol – number one brand in air conditioning and heat pump mobile control solutions in Norther...
Electronics and Optics, AirPatrol is interested in co-operating with air conditioning and heat pump businesses as well as retail shops and shopping centres. 97
B-plast AS (10391361) 0.60 (2014)
Injection moulding company, also assembling and packing....
Plastic products, Electronics and Optics, Packaging, Blowing, Moulding, All industries where is needs on plastic details. 97
Elektrisüsteemid OÜ (11442712) 0.10 (2013)
We offer following: Electrical design, Electrical installation maintenance, Radio Control Equipment ...
Manufacturing, Service, Electronics and Optics, Energy technology, Engineering agencies, Machinery equipment/tools, Repair of machinery, Designing of electrical, automation and production systems. Electrical installation maintenance. 97
Elgery Group OÜ (12146401) 10.00 (2014)
Elgery Group OÜ has been on the market of electronic cigarettes for almost six years now, since 200...
Electronics and Optics, Electronic components and boards, Gas stations, retail stores , hotels, clubs, restaurants etc. 97
Geo S.T. OÜ (10194979) 0.70 (2015)
Leading surveying company. Successfully operates in performance of survey and hydrographic measureme...
Metalworking, Machinery, Mining, Electronics and Optics, Energy technology, Engineering agencies, Consulting engineers, Technical consultants, Surveying and mapping. 97
MS Balti Trafo OÜ (10153561) 5.40 (2014)
MS Balti Trafo OÜ is manufacturer which develops and produces custom designed high-quality transfor...
Manufacturing, Machinery, Electronics and Optics, Engineering agencies, Various segments of the different industries:
Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM);
Electronic Manufacturing Service (EMS);
Electronic Design and Manufacturing Service (EDMS);
VALNES AS (10193069) 3.00 (2014)
Production and assembling of security locks and access solutions, selling of projects, as well as pr...
Electronics and Optics, Engineering agencies, Locksmiths, lock shops, building material shops, metal and wooden door manufacturers, architects. 97
Baltronic OÜ (10729558) 7.10 (2013)
Main business direction is sales and assembly of fibre optical and copper cable products and special...
Electronics and Optics, - Telecommunication operators;
- Electronics industry;
- Military and civil networks;
- Installers operating in different fields;
- Power engineering and industrial electronics businesses.
Englo OÜ (10058733) 0.30 (2014)
Englo designs and manufactures a wide range of fine mechanical and electronic equipment, measuring d...
Electronics and Optics, Telecommunications, Electronics. 94
Hedgehog OÜ (12074423) 0.00 (2013)
Hedgehog electronics design team is dedicated to developing, modeling and producing systems with low...
Electronics and Optics, Electronics and Optics
Tech start-ups
INTERSPECTRUM OÜ (10062963) 0.30 (2013)
Interspectrum OU (ISM) has been designing and manufacturing optical and FTIR spectroscopy instrument...
Optical instruments and photographic equipment, - 94
ML Novator OÜ (11935871) 1.80 (2013)
ML Novator is developing and manufacturing PC based hardware solutions. To ensure the quality of o...
Electronics and Optics, Information Technology and Telecommunications, Tourism, Finance, Government, Education, Advertising, Entertainment, Medical, Hospitality. 94
Radmaint OÜ (11629652) 0.00 (2013)
We ensure high availability of electronic systems through the periodic preventive maintenance, imple...
Electronics and Optics, Information Technology and Telecommunications, Engineering agencies, Military, Telecommunication 94
Talent Plastics Tartu AS (10695718) 2.00 (2013)
Company is established in Estonia at 2000 and therefore we are quite young company. By now we have g...
Electronics and Optics, Plastics welding and processing, Moulding, We are mainly looking for B2B customers whom we can help with quality plastic details. 94
CYBERNETICA AS (10140133) 8.00 (2014)
Cybernetica is a private research and development company, original equipment manufacturer, and solu...
Electronics and Optics, Software, hardware, Telecommunications, Computer programming and consultancy activities, •Information security. Component-based development of security-critical distributed systems with complex protocols and infrastructure. Area of implementation – communications security products and specialized solutions
•Software development. Development of mission-critical systems. System integration.
•Visual navigation, signaling and telematics systems and their components.
Eolane Tallinn AS (10092440) 38.00 (2014)
Your long term partner for engineering and electronics manufacturing services! Eolane Tallinn AS ...
Manufacturing, Electronics and Optics, Engineering agencies, Medical
Hanza Mechanics Tartu (10019012) 45.00 (2013)
Hanza Mechanics Tartu offers both subcontracting services and system solutions to product owners in...
MIG, TIG, Aluminum welding, CNC-machining, Machinery components, Electronic components and boards, Manufacture of motor vehicles, trailers and semi-trailers , Other fabricated metal products, Medical, automotive, industrial, and consumer products, other markets. 91
Incap Electronics Estonia OÜ (10637036) 3.20 (2014)
Incap offers high-quality manufacturing services for electronics and electromechanical products to e...
Electronics and Optics, Energy technology, Wind power, Windmills, control cabinets, electronics, electro-mechanics. 91
Interconnect Product Assembly AS (10571330) 20.20 (2014)
Interconnect Product Assembly AS is a contract manufacturing company specialising in the production ...
Manufacturing, Electronic components and boards, Wind power, Wind turbine generators, Industries: Energy, Telecom, Industrial, Transportation.
Products: Box build, Cable-Harnesses, Power Distribution units, Signal assemblies, Complete solution systems.