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Estonian companies offer a full range of services when it comes to strategic and tactical marketing communications, market research, advertising, POS materials, event marketing, PR, cost-effective advertising development and management services for AdWords campaigns, and other online marketing campaigns. Promotional products that have already been sold to foreign markets include roll-up displays, PVC banners, stands upon which to present goods, flyers, catalogues, badges, promotional magnets, stickers, and car-wrappings. 

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Name turnover m€ (last) Sectors Target industry %
Ecce Revalia OÜ (10993692) 0.00 (2013)
Guided tours in German, English, Estonian and Russian in Estonia and Finland. Tour escorting in th...
Business services, Translation services, - 100
Interlex OÜ (10291783) 0.40 (2014)
Your organisation's translation unit in the Baltics. Whatever your goal, whether to increase sales, ...
Printing , Translation services, Advertising and design activities, Experienced teams of language professionals in the fields of finance, law, marketing, IT, the machine industry, and medicine. 100
Tõlkebüroo Pangloss OÜ (10576468) 0.50 (2015)
Pangloss is an international network of translation agencies that has been providing translation ser...
Translation services, Our interests are in companies from different fields to offer our high quality translation services. Our main goals are business, legal texts, banking, medical and pharmaceutical texts. We also provide interpreting services and audio and video translating, using the latest methods and technology. 100
Wiedemanni Tõlkebüroo OÜ (10617629) 0.60 (2013)
Wiedemanni Translation Bureau - the leading translator into Baltic languages in Estonia. We translat...
Translation services, We are looking for intermediaries (translation and localization companies) as well as end clients. As technical translations account for the majority of our business, we would be primarily interested in finding companies who may need translation and localization of technical, marketing and PR, legal, educational etc materials into the languages of the Baltic countries simultaneously or separately (translation and localization companies, marketing and advertising firms, producers, manufacturers and exporters of different goods who are interested in the East European market and may have user manuals, marketing materials etc that may need translation and localization). Fields of specialization: manufacturers, sellers and exporters of home electronics, industrial machinery and automatics, agricultural machinery, medical equipment, electronic appliances, car industry products, IT and software etc. etc. 97
A&A Lingua OÜ (10560680) 0.20 (2013)
Established in 1999, A&A Lingua offers high-quality translation services in the fields of law, finan...
Translation services, We are interested in finding clients who require high quality-translation and localization service in the fields of economics, banking, medicine, advertising, science, technology and other. 94
Luisa Tõlkebüroo OÜ (10288031) 0.00 (2016)
The biggest and easily one of the most experienced translation agencies on the Estonian market, Luis...
Printing , Translation services, Advertising and design activities, economy and banking, technology (electronics and automotive) , law, medicine, chemistry, biology, translation and software 94
Sunny Galandrex Tõlkebüroo OÜ (10260618) 0.30 (2014)
Sunny Galandrex Translations is an internationally operating translation company which was founded i...
Printing , Translation services, Advertising and design activities, We are looking for large international translation companies as well as end clients. Our everyday translations include very different fields and documents, such as electronics, vehicles and mechanical engineering, medical equipment, safety instructions, contracts, laws and regulations, court judgements, accounting documents, insurance and real estate documents, websites, marketing and advertising texts, and much more. 94
Tiido ja Partnerid Keeleagentuur OÜ (10685944) 0.00 (2013)
Tiido and Partners Language Agency provides translation, editing, and interpreting services includin...
Translation services, Large international translation companies. Language service providers around the world 94
Stilus Lingua OÜ (11631755) 0.00 (2014)
Stilus Lingua is young, growth oriented translation agency that was established by persons who have ...
Service, Translation services, - 91
Titania Tõlked OÜ (11213986) 0.50 (2013)
Translation, Interpretation, Proofreading and editing, Design, layout and preparation for printing s...
Translation services, 91
Ad Altum OÜ (11080060) 0.10 (2013)
Translation services. Languages: primarily Estonian, Spanish, Dutch, English, Italian, Lithuanian, L...
Translation services, 88
K.P.Skott OÜ (11171472) 0.00 (2013)
We provide translations from Swedish into Estonian and from Estonian and English into Swedish. Profe...
Translation services, - 88
Swesteng Languages OÜ (12034412) 0.10 (2014)
Swesteng Languages is the Department of Translations in a client's company. We are glad to take time...
Translation services, High tech export companies 88
Printfield OÜ (11384050) 0.00 (2014)
Translation and DTP services, best translation quality . We are able to find solutions for your prob...
Translation services, Machinery, export-import, agri- and horticulture, IT. 85
Toimetaja tõlkebüroo (12725926) 0.20 (2017)
Transly Translation Agency is Estonian translation agency. We bring together gifted translators and ...
Business services, Translation services, Data processing, hosting, web portals, e-marketing, IT, manufacturing, production, services. 85
Keeleait OÜ (11705206) 0.00 (2013)
We are at your service in all matters of language. Translating texts in the fields of law, economy, ...
Translation services, - 79
Lingo OÜ (10121868) 0.00 (2013)
OÜ Lingo (translation office) is a private limited company established in 1991. Our experienced tr...
Translation services, - 79
Persoonibrändi Agentuur OÜ (12057711) 0.00 (2013)
We offer PR and marketing services from coaching to implementation focusing on brand awareness, long...
Business services, Translation services, Advertising and design activities, - 79
Ad Rem Tõlkebüroo OÜ (11085896) 0.40 (2013)
Ad Rem Tõlkebüroo OÜ, representing the trade mark Kesklinna Tõlkekeskus (City Translation Centre...
Service, Translation services, 76
Avatar Advertising OÜ (11004478) 0.00 (2013)
Avatar Translation Bureau has provided translation services in the Estonian market for as many as 9 ...
Translation services, 76