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The main goal behind Estonia’s mining industry is to provide oil shale to electrical power stations and shale oil producers, but also to provide raw materials to the construction material industry, including lime, slate, gravel, sand, and clay. 

Estonian mining companies concern themselves mainly with the production and sale of top-quality peat for gardening and plant-growing purposes. 

The Federation of Estonian Mining Producers (Eesti Mäetööstuse Ettevõtete Liit) represents the interests of mining companies. The Department of Mining at Tallinn University of Technology carries out education on the field and research in it.


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Name turnover m€ (last) Sectors sort Target industry %
Ramsi Turvas AS (10276571) 3.00 (2013)
Ramsi Turvas AS was founded in 1991. Our main field of activity is the production and sales of peat ...
Manufacturing, Mining, 82
Elva E.P.T. AS (10080313) 2.00 (2013)
Elva E.P.T. AS was founded in 1991. However, the production of peat started already in 1962, when th...
Mining, - 82
TREV-2 GRUPP AS (10047362) 66.00 (2014)
TREV-2 Grupp is a group that is focused on the construction and maintenance of infrastructure object...
Manufacturing, Mining, Construction materials, Engineering agencies, Construction of metal structures, Other fabricated metal products, Road construction 91
AHTOL AS (10235448) 1.00 (2013)
Producing of horticultural peat....
Mining, 76
Forber Group Oü (14073221) 400.00 (2017)
We locate in the South Estonia and operate in the retail- and wholesale of mushrooms and berries, w...
Mining, Food, Fruits and vegetables. Fresh /frozen, berries and mushroom. 91
Eesti Geoloogiakeskus OÜ (10140653) 1.50 (2014)
The Geological Survey of Estonia (EGK) provides geological services for the private sector and state...
Mining, Engineering agencies, Mining, geological mapping, construction 58
Geo S.T. OÜ (10194979) 0.70 (2015)
Leading surveying company. Successfully operates in performance of survey and hydrographic measureme...
Metalworking, Machinery, Mining, Electronics and Optics, Energy technology, Engineering agencies, Consulting engineers, Technical consultants, Surveying and mapping. 97