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Estonian furniture producers have been able to successfully compete in foreign markets. About two thirds of total production is being exported, with an increasing trend being reported. Finland, Sweden, Denmark, and Norway are the most important export countries for producers. Estonian companies manufacture high quality furnishings that are tailored to the requirements of our customers, and custom-made furniture for trade organisations, cafés and bars, offices, homes, and other places, covering many areas including office furniture, home furniture, modern furniture, bedroom sets and bedroom furniture, kitchen furniture, living room furniture, outdoor furniture, bathroom furniture, children’s room furniture, and more. 

Furniture companies manufacture wooden kitchen solutions worldwide for architects, designers, and homeowners. They produce all kinds of furniture for kitchens, including kitchen cabinets, padded wooden dining chairs, high bar chairs, and different sizes of dining table, natural birch and oak chairs and tables, and granite, quartz and ceramic kitchen worktops, etc.

Living-room furniture - upholstered furniture, sofa tables, rocking-chairs, tables, sideboards, tv-stands, sofa tables, sofas, couches, shelves, cabinets, lamps, etc.

Bedroom furniture - beds, mattresses, toppers, textiles, bedroom furniture sets, etc.

Bathroom/sauna furniture - wash basins, bathtubs, hydromassage baths, steam saunas, infrared saunas, salt saunas, benches, electrical heaters, sauna doors, platform modules, spiral showers, massage benches, etc. 

Children’s furniture - beds, chairs, tables, and other furniture for children and youngsters.

Outdoor furniture - garden furniture, benches, tables, street furniture, wooden shelters, pergolas, swings, herb and flower boxes, playhouses, playgrounds, etc.


Furniture producers are united under the Estonian Furniture Industry Association, which has been active since 1991.


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Name turnover m€ (last) Sectors Target industry %
Raudveli OÜ (10464628) 1.00 (2014)
Manufacturing company – main field of activity is metal work and powder coating. Fabricated metal ...
MIG, TIG, Aluminum welding, CNC-machining, Other fabricated metal products, Outdoor furniture, Furniture industry. 94
SBM FastWood OÜ (11879107) 4.00 (2014)
We offer close cooperation, tailor-made supply solutions, commitment and flexibility, long term plan...
Prefabricated buildings of wood and elements , Sawn wood, Wooden doors, windows, shutters and frames, Kitchen furniture, Living-room furniture, Veneer sheets, wood-based panels, Products of wood, cork, straw and plaiting materials , Outdoor furniture, Bedroom furniture, Bathroom/sauna furniture, Children’s room furniture, Joinery, furniture, DIY and building sectors 94
Tarmeko Pehmemööbel OÜ (11136168) 3.00 (2013)
The manufacturer of upholstered furniture Tarmeko Pehmemööbel OÜ belongs to the group of furnitur...
Manufacturing, Furniture, - 94
Vipex AS (10170170) 4.70 (2013)
Vipex is an international wholesale and trading company with additional branches in logistics and pr...
Other furniture, Our largest client groups are retailers, construction and real estate development companies, and architects. 94
ANSAWERT OÜ (10487807) 1.00 (2014)
We are engaged in the manufacture and sale of massive wood furniture for gardens....
Furniture, Outdoor furniture, 91
Aspis Disain OÜ (12776125) 0.00 (2014)
We produce beautiful things of wood and other materials. We value materials and simple shapes. Our...
Furniture, Kitchen furniture, Living-room furniture, Bedroom furniture, Office and shop furniture, Interior design, architecture, Furniture 91
CILLI OÜ/SCANDBROS DESIGN (11429858) 0.10 (2015)
WOODEN SINKS. Formed by nature, brought to you by Scandbros Design. Our commitment for the wood h...
Products of wood, cork, straw and plaiting materials , Bathroom/sauna furniture, Wooden design products. Bathroom/sauna furniture. Interior designers. 91
Eduabi OÜ (14067373) 0.00 (2016)
We mediate products from Estonian handicrafters, hobbydesigners and artists. Most of them are not re...
Clothing and Textile, Paper and paper products, Glass & glass products, Living-room furniture, Products of wood, cork, straw and plaiting materials , Outdoor furniture, We are looking for resellers whose interest is to sell our unique and quality finished handicraft products in their shops and/or to place further (special) orders. 91
Frog Plastic OÜ (11118495) 1.10 (2014)
Frog Plastic was founded in 2005. Frog Plastic offers plastic rotational moulding solutions: 3D desi...
Plastic products, Water supply; sewerage, waste management and remediation activities , Machinery components, Other furniture, Plastic plates, sheets, tubes and profiles, traffic safety, water and cewerage, maritime products, machine building, waste management, playground manufacturing, plastic products manufacturing, gardening and agriculture, chemical industry, design products, food industry, prototype manufacturing 91
GranitSet OÜ (11431814) 0.00 (2014)
Graniteset specialises in kitchen work surfaces and bathroom surfaces of granite, quartz and marble....
Kitchen furniture, Kitchen furniture industry. 91
Lamp OÜ (12942664) 15345.00 (2017)
Lamp OÜ is established by people who have experience to design and manufacture wood materials. T...
Manufacturing, Wood, Furniture, Packaging, Advertising and design activities, Interior design, architecture, Sales and marketing 91
LIIDUKIVI OÜ (10464120) 1.40 (2013)
Since 1998 Liidukivi Ltd produce granite and marble details for chimneys, worktops for kitchens, res...
Kitchen furniture, kitchen furniture companies, shipbuilding companies 91
Manverk OÜ (10696113) 0.60 (2013)
We manufacture furniture, interior solutions and prefabricated furniture details. Our production is ...
Furniture, Furniture industry. 91
Mööbliproff OÜ (10596146) 0.50 (2013)
Mööbliproff, also known as Integro, is dealing with custom made furniture. Our main goals are to f...
Furniture, Kitchen furniture, Living-room furniture, Bedroom furniture, Other furniture, Companies dealing with furniture for hotels and restaurants.
Companies dealing with interior decoration.
Interior decorators.
Nordic Plast OÜ (11877278) 1.50 (2016)
The company specialized in sheet materials of different products: incl. plastics (acrylic, PET, PVC,...
Plastic products, Office and shop furniture, Other furniture, Project furniture and shop fitting industry, advertising, merchandising 91
Prosper Line OÜ (11159844) 0.10 (2013)
Custom made wooden products and furniture. Wooden staircases, windows and doors....
Kitchen furniture, Living-room furniture, Bathroom/sauna furniture, Other furniture, Furniture manufacturing, wooden doors and windows manufacturing. 91
Ruutu Kuus OÜ (12730076) 0.00 (2014)
Our aim is to use design skills and knowledge to solve our clients’ problems and turning their bus...
Furniture, Gas, Plasma, Laser cutting, CNC-machining, Printed advertising materials, Furniture and interior products 91
Steelman OÜ (10725023) 0.40 (2013)
Aluminium furniture, aluminium furnishings, aluminium profiles and details....
Furniture, Living-room furniture, Office and shop furniture, Other furniture, Furniture and building industry. 91
Structo Industry OÜ (11027479) 2.70 (2014)
Our main activity is the production of sliding doors and wardrobes. Production of sliding doors reac...
Living-room furniture, Bedroom furniture, Office and shop furniture, Other furniture, Furniture and building. 91
Tahe Wood OÜ (10801557) 0.20 (2013)
Tahe Wood produces solid hardwood kitchen accessories: butcher blocks and chopping boards. Also we p...
Manufacturing, Wood, Other furniture, woodworking, furniture industry 91