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Name turnover m€ (last) Sectors Target industry %
TAMULT AS (10234905) 2.50 (2014)
Tamult Bioenergy is one of the most experienced provider of biomass fired boiler plants and combusti...
Energy technology, Water supply; sewerage, waste management and remediation activities , Engineering agencies, Machinery equipment/tools, Bioenergy, Energy production, district heating sector, industry appliances for the wood industry 100
EFIPA AS (10103540) 1.40 (2013)
Manufacturing and selling district heating substations, heat exchangers, boiler plants. Building ind...
Construction materials, Bioenergy, Solar power, Construction industry. 97
Palmako AS (10301984) 60.80 (2017)
Producer of garden and log houses, machine rounded timber, glue laminated products, pre-fab houses a...
Construction materials, Prefabricated buildings of wood and elements , Wooden doors, windows, shutters and frames, Bioenergy, Products of wood, cork, straw and plaiting materials , Outdoor furniture, Garden products; Wood industry; Construction industry. 97
Pelltech OÜ (11259882) 1.30 (2015)
Pelltech OÜ designs and produces pellet boilers, pellet burners and important accessories for pelle...
Machinery, Bioenergy, Heating equipment resellers, boiler manufactures, different industrial sectors where heat is needed. 97
Polarson OÜ (12014192) 0.30 (2013)
Polarson is an Estonian company producing high quality firewood and wood briquettes for household us...
Wood, Firewood, Bioenergy, - 79
Rapla Metall OÜ (11973556) 1.70 (2016)
Our company is an Estonian enterprise that entered into business in 2010. Our main activities are pr...
Metalworking, Bioenergy, Energy production, bioenergy, metalworking, contruction of metal structures 79