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The metal industry is the third largest industry in Estonia. Metalworking includes the construction of metal structures, the manufacture of structural metal products, metalworking for houses and metal building, other fabricated metal products, and metal forging, pressing, stamping, and roll-forming, plus powder metallurgy. 

The interests of the metal industry are covered by the Estonian Engineering Industry Association.


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Name turnover m€ (last) Sectors Target industry %
Lumina Metall OÜ (10321136) 1.30 (2013)
We make different staircases and banisters for interior and external spaces. And we make also differ...
Forgings, Fasteners , Other fabricated metal products, - 91
Malmerk Klaasium OÜ (12415120) 2.00 (2015)
Malmerk Klaasium OÜ continues with 15 years of experience of the former balcony department of Malme...
Construction materials, Houses and buildings, Other fabricated metal products, We are looking for business partners in construction industry mainly resellers and distributors. 91
Molycorp Silmet AS (10294959) 65.00 (2013)
One of the biggest rare metal and rare earth metal producers in Europe....
Manufacturing, Metalworking, Chemicals & chemical products, Fertilizer, While designing and modeling different environmental projects we have enjoyed fruitful cooperation with most of the universities in Estonia and also with many local companies. The same applies to product development, process line designing and other research tasks. 91
Monik OÜ (10378567) 10.00 (2014)
We manufacture and install steel constructions: steel constructions for different civil and industri...
Construction of metal structures, CNC-machining, Manufacture of structural metal products , - 91
Nuia PMT AS (10053718) 4.00 (2014)
Main field of activity is manufacturing of hydraulic cylinders and welded steel constructions....
Manufacturing, Construction of metal structures, Gas, Plasma, Laser cutting, Manufacturers of forestry-, agriculture- and construction machines. 91
Paldiski Tsingipada AS (11309048) 4.70 (2013)
Hot dip galvanizing company. Zincpot 7x1,5x2,8 m. High-temperature centrifugal galvanizing, passivat...
Metalworking, Forging, pressing, stamping, roll-forming of metal; powder metallurgy, Metal fabrication and machinery. 91
Pentamet OÜ (10679139) 1.00 (2014)
Pentamet OÜ was established on year 2000- manufactures different products for energy-, petrochemica...
MIG, TIG, Aluminum welding, Construction of metal structures, Gas, Plasma, Laser cutting, Other fabricated metal products, Energy-, petrochemical-, refining-, chemical-,cement-, steel- and cellulose industry. 91
Pioneer Engineering Group OÜ (11533484) 0.00 (2013)
Pioneer Engineering Group is an international co-operation network for engineering and manufacturing...
Metalworking, Machinery, Manufacture of structural metal products , 91
Radius Fixings OÜ (11985571) 1.00 (2013)
Radius Fixings OÜ develops, manufactures and sells glass fixing systems under the brand R-FIX. Gl...
Construction materials, Other fabricated metal products, Construction industry. 91
Rinaldo Production OÜ (10700827) 0.80 (2013)
Our comapny is expert in connectin sheet metal with electrical solutions. Best sample is Kone elevat...
Metalworking, Industrial equipment, machine building, EMS, lighting 91
Ruutu Kuus OÜ (12730076) 0.00 (2014)
Our aim is to use design skills and knowledge to solve our clients’ problems and turning their bus...
Furniture, Gas, Plasma, Laser cutting, CNC-machining, Printed advertising materials, Furniture and interior products 91
Technobalt Holding AS (10226805) 13.00 (2013)
Technobalt services: 1) design, production, installation and service of conveying systems and waste...
Metalworking, Machinery components, Various industries/productions (conveying systems), waste management, mining industry, metal construction and component users - we are offering our design, production and machining capacities. Also distribution partner for Technobalt own products. 91
Tial OÜ (10630340) 0.90 (2014)
Experienced manufacturer of steel structures able to offer a complete range of solutions from produc...
Manufacture of structural metal products , Construction, metalworking, machinery. 91
TREV-2 GRUPP AS (10047362) 66.00 (2014)
TREV-2 Grupp is a group that is focused on the construction and maintenance of infrastructure object...
Manufacturing, Mining, Construction materials, Engineering agencies, Construction of metal structures, Other fabricated metal products, Road construction 91
Vasar OÜ (10570129) 1.80 (2013)
Vasar OÜ offers subcontracting in electrolytic surface treatment to metal industry including: Elect...
Metalworking, Metal industry. 91
VMT Tehased AS (11285494) 9.20 (2014)
• We are entitled to give the CE- marking for construction products. • Certified factory produ...
Metalworking, MIG, TIG, Aluminum welding, Construction of metal structures, Gas, Plasma, Laser cutting, Manufacture of structural metal products , Machinery components, Other fabricated metal products, Structural steel components and kits acc. to EN 1090-2 EXC3; 91
Auto-Gamma F&F OÜ (10612980) 0.80 (2014)
The main activities of the company is metal processing and production of the constructs....
Metalworking, Machinery, - 88
E-Profiil AS (10306409) 23.60 (2013)
Main activity is the production of various big metal constructions and equipment for the offshore s...
Metalworking, CNC-machining, Manufacture of structural metal products , Machinery components, Energy, Offshore. 88
Faabula AS (10003850) 1.60 (2013)
Faabula AS offers a steel work, machining and mechanical processing, welding (production and repair)...
Manufacturing, Machinery, Construction of metal structures, - 88
FinEst Steel AS (10793740) 4.80 (2013)
FinEst Steel AS is specialised in subcontracting. We are providing different kind of cutting service...
Gas, Plasma, Laser cutting, Companies in the following sectors: Metalworks, Green Energy, Machine Building, Production Technology, Precision Engineering, Furniture Design a.s.o. 88