Company: Leander MX
WWW: http://
Sector: Furniture
Country: Finland
Content: Hello,

We are looking forward to produce some modern wooden legs for an upcoming table model we are working on.

We have made a sample here in Finland and we are currently testing it out to figure out the final measurements/ strength.

We are looking to produce 20 pcs of legs (so for 10 tables)
These U-legs will be bolted on to a metal frame
Material: oak or possibly birch / profile: 140mm/40mm
I can send you a picture of the bottom joint ( 3 and 2 finger joint )
The surface of the wood should be grinded/polished down to 400 grit .
Size is:
Width: 780mm

We will take care of final touches such as surface treatment of the wood.

Please give us an offer including shipping to Vantaa/ Finland.