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Lars Normann
To: Sales / Export Manager
Export of precut wood to Ivory Coast
I am looking for suppliers of precut wood, to build pallets for export of food related products from Ivory Coast in West Africa , wood to be ready cut for assembly in local fabric close to the harbor of Abidjan, Ivory Coast .
We start our production with one pallet estimated to have minimum 150,000 sales the first year in Ivory Cost
In time we will produce different shapes of pallets related and designed for the food industry , mainly export of Cocoa raw materials / products.
I am looking for a supplier that can cut materials in the given sizes , and heat wood (for pest control) under given international rules and certificates.
The pallets / wood delivered needs to be ISPM15 marked and certificated, which means that it is heat-treated.
These treatments are conducted in accordance with International Phytosanitary Measure 15 (ISPM no. 15) which has been defined by the International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC).
Spruce and Pine or other equality to prefer .
Deliverances in fully packed 40 foot containers .
I am looking for deliverance of materials for producing minimum 150 to 450 thousand pallet\\\'s per year.
One cubic meter of precut wood to this specified pallet is estimated to produce 29/30 pallets.
Cubic meter price FOB and in Euros delivered in the closest harbor.
If there is interest to take dialog on the subject please don\\\'t hesitate to contact me for further information .
Kind regards
Lars Normann
Project manager Ivory Coast
Hulter I Bulter (HIB)
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0172 Oslo Norway
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