Company: Equistador
WWW: http://
Sector: Clothing and Textile
Country: Sweden
Content: Hello,
my name is Elisabeth.
I have just started up a company (here in Sweden) in the equestrian equipment business. I\\\'m looking for a factory that can sew my first products and possibly more in the future if it works well and achieves the quality we are looking for.

The product that is current right now is a pad that you put under a harness when you are training the horse.

I am very specific in what materials being used, have samples that I could send to you for getting it just right.

The underfabric is \\\"cool max\\\" function fabric, often used in all kinds of extreme sports wear, the material inbetween is a polyester wool of 200 grams in the sides and 300 grams in the middle (will explain further and send you sample that shows what I mean if you want the job), for the edgings I want a soft nice bias tape of 40 mm, cotton.

For fastening there will be a matching trolley strap with burdock in three places, two at the sides and one in the middle.

That\\\'s the base, and then there will be decorations along with the bias on one side with ribbons (mostly satin) in different colours, some with rivets also.
In the future we will do models with different kinds of ribbons like furniture cords, beads, lace and different kinds of rhinestones.

Can you provide yourselves with these fabrics if I send you samples of everything?
Can you embroder logos if I send it as a file?

Complete measurements and colour choices we can exchange later if you are up to the job.

Obs! Everything\\\'s gotta be washable in at least 40 degrees celcius and in an ordinary washing machine keeping it\\\'s form, seams and possible rivets. Wants good quality product that lasts for long.

Sending two pictures of samples that I can also send to you for a more clear picture of what i want if you like.

If you think you are up to the job,

What\\\'s your smallest quantity of an order?

How fast can you manifacture them for me?

Do you know any company with good shipping arrangements to Sweden?

Best regards,

Elisabeth Bergström, Equistador.