Company: Levo Trading Oy
WWW: http://none
Sector: Clothing and Textile
Country: Finland
Content: Dear Sirs ! We are a family company since1965 in Rovaniemi, Finland. Our main products are winter clothings for Arctic weather condititions: overalls, jackets & pants, snowmobile clothing for: safari companies, reindeer heardlers, tourists, icefishing, leather cloves, military bord quards, resque roups in extreme winter conditions, etc. Temperatures: -+/- o -> - 5 degrees ( Svalbard, Norway ). Including embroidery, printing, scaling, designs, sewing, packing, etc. we deliver: designs, materials, parts: zippers, reflexs, special parts, etc. All we need to buy are: work, demands of our quality, professional quality, communication in Finnish, situation close to Tallinn = ferry to Finland