Sector: Machinery
Country: Italy
Content: Esteemed H7/h6 OU

Our Company Auloma Holding S.r.l is an Italian manufacturer of electromechanical devices named servo presses. We have see in the database of Invest Estonian Agency that your company is looking to find customers in European zone. Our market is mainly in India for automotive business, but in the next year we have some business program for Switzerland and France. Our goal is find a partner inside the Euro zone capable of machining and maybe also capable to execute the entire mechanical assembly of our device. Our program for the next year will be for a production of a maximum of 10 devices, but we hope with a growth trend for the next years. We need to know if you could be interested of manufacturing for us our devices and if we can provide you more detailed info as drawings and other technical informations to move the first step to have your quotation.

Awaiting your acknowledge of receipt I send you my

Best Regards