Company: Applied Logic Engineering
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Sector: Manufacturing
Country: United States of America
Content: We are a distributor of electrical and mechanical products (lighting, water heaters, fans, heating, cooling, switches, venting, etc.). We are centrally located in the USA in Indianapolis, Indiana with a large and secure warehouse, professional office, excellent customer service and numerous truck delivery docks within ½ mile of a major U.S. Interstate road system. We are seeking manufacturers from the Baltic and Scandinavian countries that are looking for an opportunity to export their products into the USA. We have a very good customer base that has shown a genuine interest in high quality and high performance product that is reasonably priced and comes from trusted overseas factories. There is a demand for product that has an exclusivity that cannot be delivered by current products on the market coming from old and familiar North American brands or cheap Chinese and Mexican imports. If you are an excellent manufacturer that is looking to expand his product offering into the USA, we may be your perfect distribution partner and would love to discuss opportunities for our mutual business success.
Gerald Peterson – Applied Logic Engineering –