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Estonia supports a strong and competitive construction industry, with well-developed industry manufacturing construction materials. Due to the specific qualities of most construction materials (as a rule they are large and heavy), exports are directed mainly towards the nearest neighbours, these being Latvia, Lithuania, and Finland, as well as Russia.

There is a wide range of building materials being produced in Estonia, mainly sawn timber and cement, building blocks, roofing materials, prefabricated structural components for house building (prefab homes), and civil engineering, etc.

Estonian construction companies are looking out for cooperation opportunities with industrial enterprises and construction companies, resellers, retailers, and wholesalers, etc. 

The main union for the industry is the Association of Construction Material Producers of Estonia, but the Estonian Concrete Union is also an active body.


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Name turnover m€ (last) Sectors Target industry %
Savimees OÜ (12297413) 0.00 (2013)
Our main field of activities are following: - clay and lime plaster; - natural paints: lime paint,...
Construction materials, Earth Building 94
Vesset OÜ (10069286) 4.00 (2014)
In 1995 founded company Vesset has grown to a complex timber-processing company. Our main aim is to ...
Wood, Construction materials, Construction, Renovating 94
Arutech Parimad Aknad OÜ (10586774) 2.50 (2013)
ARUTECH PARIMAD AKNAD OÜ – is a company founded in 1999. Today it is the leading manufacturing co...
Plastic products, Construction materials, Manufacturing sector. 91
Doordec OÜ (11899541) 1.70 (2013)
Doordec is a modern company with a modern manufacturing factory and latest equipment. Doordec steel ...
Construction materials, - 91
E-Betoonelement AS (10098158) 19.00 (2014)
E-Betoonelement provides technical design, manufacturing and assembly of prefabricated concrete stru...
Manufacturing, Construction materials, Engineering agencies, Building and construction sector 91
Furanio OÜ (10881355) 0.30 (2013)
Overhead insulated industrial and residential garage doors with automatic, steel doors, fire resista...
Construction materials, Building, real estate, industrial production. 91
Goldbrit OÜ (11876847) 0.00 (2013)
Producer of log houses, summerhouses, element houses. Development of the projects and drawings....
Construction materials, Prefabricated buildings of wood and elements , Holiday and rental housing. 91
Heison SA AS (10303635) 4.00 (2013)
Russian birch and coniferous plywood in different sizes, grades, thicknesses, plywood components, cu...
Construction materials, Veneer sheets, wood-based panels, furniture, construction, packaging 91
Krah Pipes OÜ (11366000) 6.30 (2014)
Description: Krah Pipes OÜ started its production of PE pipes in Estonia in the IV quarter 2009. Ou...
Construction materials, Wastewater and Stormwater Collection 91
MALMERK FASSAADID AS (10074956) 5.70 (2014)
The main area of activity of AS Malmerk Fassaadid is the manufacturing and installation of aluminium...
Manufacturing, Construction materials, - 91
Malmerk Klaasium OÜ (12415120) 2.00 (2015)
Malmerk Klaasium OÜ continues with 15 years of experience of the former balcony department of Malme...
Construction materials, Houses and buildings, Other fabricated metal products, We are looking for business partners in construction industry mainly resellers and distributors. 91
MERKUUR OÜ (11544602)
We deal with steels! Aluminium, brass, cuprum, stainless steel, carbon steel....
Construction materials, Steel Industry 91
Radius Fixings OÜ (11985571) 1.00 (2013)
Radius Fixings OÜ develops, manufactures and sells glass fixing systems under the brand R-FIX. Gl...
Construction materials, Other fabricated metal products, Construction industry. 91
Teredo OÜ (11054312) 0.10 (2015)
We produce mainly thermo ash, oak, spruce and pine. We aim at producing high quality thermo material...
Wood, Construction materials, Usage of thermowood • Terraces • Exterior and interior weatherboarding • Floorboard • Furniture (inc. garden furniture) • Sauna material • Pergolas, sheds, summer kitchens, etc. 91
TREV-2 GRUPP AS (10047362) 66.00 (2014)
TREV-2 Grupp is a group that is focused on the construction and maintenance of infrastructure object...
Manufacturing, Mining, Construction materials, Engineering agencies, Construction of metal structures, Other fabricated metal products, Road construction 91
Windoor AS (10506628) 10.10 (2013)
Windoor AS is one of the leading players in Estonian architectural glazing market. Our technical re...
Construction materials, International large-scale corporations (construction, real-estate development) 91
ESTANC AS (10416492) 10.00 (2014)
Estanc mission is to provide our customers with professional solutions for storage and distribution ...
Manufacturing, Construction materials, Energy Petrochemia Flue gas cleaning Pulp & paper Water treatment Mining 88
Ha Serv OÜ (11104754) 18.60 (2013)
Manufacturer of custom made and standard saunas, but also sauna materials (mouldings, panels, benche...
Construction materials, Bathroom/sauna furniture, - 88
Hansakivi OÜ (10823665) 0.00 (2013)
Hansakivi is an independent privately owned manufacturing and service firm which specialises in the ...
Manufacturing, Furniture, Construction materials, Kitchen furniture, furniture companies, kitchen showrooms etc 88
Hansas Plaaditurg AS (10570135)
AS Hansas Plaaditurg is specialized in import of ceramic tiles and in retail and wholesale of tiles....
Construction materials, Resale of ceramic tiles. 88