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The Estonian machinery and transportation equipment industry is heavily dependent upon foreign markets and a major proportion of production is sold abroad.

Estonian companies are producers of timber processing equipment, various forms of forest-management machinery and accessories for this area. They produce welded and machined goods, seat belts for the international car industry, components for commercial vehicles and for railways, etc. 

The Estonian ship building industry carries on a  long tradition. 

In Estonia there are a great many boat builders who produce small boats, water sports paddles, yachts, and kayaks, all of which are already well-known across Europe. 

The Estonian Engineering Industry Association covers the interests of machinery and transportation equipment producers. The Association of Estonian Boatyards connects together nearly all of the biggest Estonian boatyards and subcontractors.


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Name turnover m€ (last) Sectors Target industry %
Amitec Project OÜ (11348781) 2.50 (2013)
Amitec Project has been founded in Estonia by the Finnish company Amitec OY. The main activities ar...
Machinery equipment/tools, Machinery components, Food industry, chemical industry, paper industry, heating/water, water treatment, metal industry, machinery building industry. 100
AT Metalli Grupp OÜ (10697019) 1.00 (2013)
AT Metal Group is a metal processing company....
Machinery equipment/tools, Machinery components, Repair of machinery, Producers of equipment for: Offshore, forestry, agriculture, paper industry, ship building. 100
Auto Metall EST OÜ (10226969) 1.70 (2014)
Auto Metall EST is the solution for acquiring metal constructions and machinery parts in a competiti...
Metalworking, Machinery, Construction of metal structures, Machinery components, We are looking companies interested in long term co-operation. Contact us for further introductions, requests for quotations and other questions. 100
EDM OÜ (12482033) 0.00 (2014)
Design and manufacturing of CNC milling machines and quality 3D printers; CNC research and developme...
Engineering agencies, CNC-machining, Machinery equipment/tools, Machinery components, Wood industry, machinery, manufacturing, creative industries, milling, 3D printing, research and development, mechatronics. 100
Extreme-Met OÜ (12178789) 0.40 (2013)
Extreme-Met OÜ is well-experienced metal processing company which is capable to manufacture differe...
Metalworking, Machinery, MIG, TIG, Aluminum welding, Manufacture of structural metal products , Machinery components, We are looking for business partners as resellers, representatives, agents and end-customers. 100
FERREL AS (10317956) 1.00 (2014)
Manufacturing tractortrailers and cranes for farmers, loggers and roadworkers. Manufacturing hydrau...
Machinery components, Manufacture of motor vehicles, trailers and semi-trailers , We are looking for: 1) Agricultural and forestry equipment distributors 2) Partners interested in our machinery components 100
RADIUS Machining OÜ (11117403) 3.00 (2016)
Radius Machining is 12 years old and fast growing CNC company in Estonia. Our main activity is metal...
Metalworking, MIG, TIG, Aluminum welding, CNC-machining, Machinery components, Other fabricated metal products, Idustrial kitchen machines, food industry, space industry, farming products, furniture, medical, hi precision etc 100
Skamet OÜ (11135000) 0.00 (2014)
We are a manufacturing company from Estonia. Our main production are traditional woodburning sauna h...
Metalworking, Machinery equipment/tools, Subcontractor - all different metal products. 100
Steqmet Machining OÜ (12931100) 0.00 (2015)
Steqmet Machining OÜ was established in 2015. We are a fast growing company with experienced team. ...
Plastic products, Metalworking, CNC-machining, Machinery components, Other fabricated metal products, We are looking for business partners as resellers, representatives, agents and end-customers and partners who are interested in our machinery components. 100
TAMULT AS (10234905) 2.50 (2014)
Tamult Bioenergy is one of the most experienced provider of biomass fired boiler plants and combusti...
Energy technology, Water supply; sewerage, waste management and remediation activities , Engineering agencies, Machinery equipment/tools, Bioenergy, Energy production, district heating sector, industry appliances for the wood industry 100
AS SAMI (10078210) 8.50 (2017)
Designing and manufacturing of agricultural, forestry and road maintenance equipment for tractors. S...
Manufacturing, Machinery equipment/tools, Machinery components, Manufacture of motor vehicles, trailers and semi-trailers , Importers and distributors of road maintenance, agricultural and forestry equipment. 97
Bestra Engineering AS (11285543) 7.50 (2013)
The main production articles are metal constructions, components for engineering industry, assemblie...
Construction of metal structures, Machinery equipment/tools, Machinery components, Mechanical engineering, metal constructions, metalworking, machinery building, metal industry equipment. 97
BRENTEX OÜ (10711570) 0.00 (2014)
Manufacturer of car trailers (up to 3500 kg). Our trailers are known for heavy-duty construction and...
Manufacture of motor vehicles, trailers and semi-trailers , We are looking for car trailers distributors / dealers in European and Scandinavian markets. 97
Clyde Bergemann Eesti AS (10406163) 4.60 (2013)
Clayde Bergemann Eesti established in 1993. Company located in Tallinn, Estonia (good pass to Railwa...
Construction materials, Manufacture of structural metal products , Machinery components, Looking forward for cooperation in: Power industry; Materials Handling; Building Metal-Structures. 97
EFEKT AS (10377042) 1.10 (2014)
Efekt AS was founded in 1988. The company is based on Estonian capital. We manufacture fibre-glass p...
Manufacturing, Plastic products, Boat/Yacht building, • We are looking for a distributor for our production – water crafts/boats. Become our distributor. • We offer cooperation in manufacturing fiberglass plastic products/outsourcing. Order your fiberglass plastic products/components from us. Marine industry, all of which use composite material. 97
Elektrisüsteemid OÜ (11442712) 0.10 (2013)
We offer following: Electrical design, Electrical installation maintenance, Radio Control Equipment ...
Manufacturing, Service, Electronics and Optics, Energy technology, Engineering agencies, Machinery equipment/tools, Repair of machinery, Designing of electrical, automation and production systems. Electrical installation maintenance. 97
FORS MW AS (10094723) 15.30 (2013)
Manufacturer of Forest trailers, Cranes and Loaders, Hook Lift trailers and Tractor processors....
Machinery equipment/tools, - 97
Geo S.T. OÜ (10194979) 0.70 (2015)
Leading surveying company. Successfully operates in performance of survey and hydrographic measureme...
Metalworking, Machinery, Mining, Electronics and Optics, Energy technology, Engineering agencies, Consulting engineers, Technical consultants, Surveying and mapping. 97
Konesko AS (10047497) 45.50 (2014)
AS Konesko was founded in the end of 1992 in Tallinn. It’s primary activities are manufacturing of...
Metalworking, CNC-machining, Machinery components, Machinery and equipment manufacturing. 97
Lingalaid OÜ (11406662) 0.60 (2014)
Lingalaid is an Estonian-based fiberglass manufacturing company. Our main products are heated bath t...
Plastic products, Machinery components, Boat/Yacht building, We are looking for a distributor for our boats and heated bath tubes. Futhermore, we would like to offer a cooperation in manufacturing all kind of fiberglass products eg. details for vehicles. 97