Estonian company to build 5000 pre-fab refugee housing units for Germany


Akso-Haus OÜ have so far exported 34 modular houses intended for refugees to Germany. Over the coming years, the company will significantly increase production and hire additional workers, as it’s planning to sell around 5,000 such houses more to Germany.

Regional weekly Harju Elu reported that in autumn last year the company had received several enquiries regarding the building of houses for refugees. By now, the company has built 34 such houses, and is planning to build around 100 houses a month for the next four to five years, which will eventually amount to around 5,000 houses, Andres Samarüütel of Akso-Haus told the newspaper.

Samarüütel added that to meet the large orders, the company had to take into use the 7,500-square-meter building next to its 2,500-square-meter production facility. The number of employees building the modular houses would rise from 60 to 150.

Once finished, such a house is then loaded on a trailer and taken to a port, from where it continues on a ship that then takes it to Germany, Samarüütel said.

Source: http://news.err.ee/v/business/085f48de-f111-46ea-a1be-ec0bddbc1494/estonian-company-to-build-5000-pre-fab-refugee-housing-units-for-germany