Minimum wage set to rise


Workers unions and a public conciliator have reached an agreement to raise the national minimum wage to 430 euros in 2016 and 470 euros in 2017.

The national minimum wage in Estonia is currently 390 euros per month.

The Estonian Employers’ Confederation announced a week ago that they will accept the offer, after having rejected the one for 440 and 460 euros respectively beforehand.

Peep Peterson, the head of the Employers’ Confederation, said that although the amount of 470 euros takes them close to the 40 percent of average wage, it is still below the relative poverty threshold. "So we have to keep pressuring the industry," Peterson said.

Source: http://news.err.ee/v/economy/d364661b-7557-4375-acc3-cbff36e3ad09/minimum-wage-set-to-rise