Euro Satisfaction Ratings Highest in Europe


According to the Baltic Household Outlook, prepared by SEB and introduced to the public today, 80 percent of Estonians are satisfied with the adoption of the euro, and this year positivity even exceeds the EU average.

The Baltic Household Outlook focused on the public's expectations for the euro pre- and post-adoption and the adoption's effect on the Baltic states.

The analysis showed that Estonian households are much more optimistic in regard to the currency than their Latvian and Lithuanian peers. Eighty percent of the polled Estonian citizens said that the adoption of the euro was a good decision. Although Latvia adopted the euro only at the beginning of the current year and Lithuania will make the switch on January 1, 2015.

The 80-percent rating makes Estonia the most optimistic among the 28 countries in the EU. Currently 18 member states use the currency and Lithuania will be number 19.

Latvians have now warmed up to it as well. Compared to the 39 percent of people who supported the proposed adoption of the euro in 2012, and the 43 percent a year later, its actual introduction has raised the support to the common currency to 68 percent.

Source: http://news.err.ee/v/economy/111f85ea-6ad7-452a-a962-90dd1367ecff