Estonia Could Export Smart City Solutions, Minister Says


The foreign trade and entrepreneurship minister, Anne Sulling, said Estonia could be successful in exporting its e-solutions in the field of "Smart City".

The smart city concept sees the improvement of the quality of life through effective IT solutions, combined with active citizens and a considered management of resources.

Sulling met with the board of the Estonian Association of Information Technology and Telecommunications on Tuesday to discuss ways of exporting Estonian e-state solutions more efficiently, the Ministry of Economic Affairs said in a press release.

According to the minister, Estonia needs to package its solutions, but since they need to be tailor-made for each country, the option of moving to areas where IT products can be exported in greater volumes.

"We see great potential in the smart city field, which would enable us to develop products that could be sold in great volumes - hundreds or thousands," she said.

The Japanese Mitsubishi Corporation and other global companies have expressed an interest in co-operating with Estonia, Sulling said, although it is still in the discussion phase.

Source: ERR