Nortal is developing a production managing software platform for SMEs


Nortal started developing a production managing software platform for small and medium production companies, the project’s expected cost is 1.2 million euros. “The projects long-term goal is to help Estonian production companies to move more and more towards a smart and predictable production so that IT would be an effectiveness and export capacity growing motor for Estonian production companies,” said Nortal’s Business Unit Manager Marko Saviauk to BNS.

The short-term goal of the project is to develop a production management (MES i.e. Manufacturing Execution System) software platform that would work for small- and medium-sized producers and would enable them to greatly increase internal effectiveness,” he added. “The purpose of the MES systems is to ensure an even quality for production processes that would allow detailed monitoring for the factories and to measure production operations and also to ensure the timely and budgetary finalization of the end product through process transparency and the optimization possibilities that arise from it,” told Saviauk. “Today, Nortal the lean-production planning software Asprova to companies and an MES software project based development to large producers. We see a clear need for solutions both in Estonia and the export markets that would also help the small- and medium-sized producers to monitor their production processes, automate, optimize and make more effective,” noted Saviauk.

The projects expected cost is 1.2 million euros. Enterprise Estonia (EAS) has decided to support this endeavor with 488,129 euros.

Nortal Group AS earned a 5.4 million euro loss with a 41.8 million turnover in the year 2012.

Source: BNS