Katus.eu takes quality architecture to London show exhibition



Shop of Architecture www.katus.eu in Tartu Centre for Creative Industries and manufacturer of wooden houses Woodland Homes Ltd. presents the garden house NOA by designer Jaanus Orgusaare and exposition of 12 exhibits from the creation of Estonian architectural design office to the prestigious Grand Design Live show exhibition.

Grand Design Live show exhibition held in Exhibition Centre London on May 3 to May 11 is a part of the popular television show Grand Designs on channel 4. Participation invitation was sent to us due to NOA becoming the centre of attention of architecture and design media.

The effective manager of Katus.ee Tiit Sild announced that the team is working in the show exhibition with a goal to finding local cooperation partners and advertising solutions to twelve different size in order to establish which houses suit best for the British people. 

The Shop of Architecture www.katus.eu focused on the promotion of quality architecture is an Internet environment through which you can acquire modern houses designed by well-known architects. These houses are all built by domestic companies. The aim of the shop of Architecture is to offer full solutions, modern and sustainable life environment without any compromise from design and quality.

Internet environment Katus. ee which joined with Tartu Centre for Creative Industries at the beginning of this year was one of the most efficient business ideas in Estonian television show Ajujaht. City Government of Tartu recognized the best company of Tartu in Ajujaht with 4000 euro.

Manufacturer of wooden houses Woodland Homes Ltd. has developed NOA for presenting it to the wider audience.
Participation in the show exhibition is supported by Woodland Homes, Architecture Center, Elumaja Ltd. And Tartu Centre for Creative Industries.

Source: http://www.loovtartu.ee/lmk/uudised/192-katus-eu-viib-londoni-messile-kvaliteetarhitektuuri