Estonian cosmetics industry is filled with new players. Introducing Ontic Minerals.


If most of the new players make soaps and creams, then Ontic Minerals has found their niche in decorative cosmetics. The company's selection of products includes mineral foundations, blushes, bronzer, eyeshadow. The company's bestseller is a rice setting powder that was crowned with Buduaar's body favorite title.

Ontic Minerals decorative cosmetics are made and packaged by hand in Tartu. «The recipes for all products that exist and are in development have been developed in Tartu in collaboration with scientists, beauticians and make-up artists,» said Ontic OÜ CEO, chemistry doctor Nadežda Kongi.

Ontic Minerals

Picture: Product of Ontic Minerals, source: http://www.onticminerals.ee/

Anyone interested can get an overview of the ingredients in their bronzer or eyeshadow from the company's webpage. One of the main components in Ontic Minerals makeup products is mica, whose properties are enhanced with other minerals and vitamins. Listed as ingredients are also, for example, organic jojoba oil and shea butter.

Kongi assures that mineral cosmetics can be considered especially trendy in the last few years. «Clients want to be certain about the product's quality and healthiness, so that products won't contain allergens and other harmful components, such as talc, preservatives, nano particles, sulfates, silicones and oil byproducts,» she emphasized.

If by Estonian standards a big player OÜ Joik reached over 750 000 Euros in turnover in 2013, then Ontic OÜ had a turnover under 30 000 Euros. Though the company, which started business last spring, is hopeful - the board is predicting that this number will double this year.

Webpage: http://www.onticminerals.ee/

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