Estonian cosmetics industry is filled with new players. Introducing Vestige Verdant.


Almost four months ago, a cosmetics company called Vestige Verdant was created. It produces body care products, which, according to the company, are, and will be in the future, one hundred percent organic. One of the main ingredients of Vestige Verdant is a bioactive humic acid - a substance which should be exceptionally rejuvenating.

Presently, Vestige Verdant has revealed only their first product, a 39 Euro organic bioactive mask, recommended by the well known blog Stellarium, among others.


Picture: Vestige Verdant products, source: www.vestigeverdant.com

«Looking at the demand, one can say that it is not only favored by our clients, but the most sought-after facemask in Estonia,» said the representative of Vestige Verdant, jokingly. The company is keeping any future plans under wraps for now.

Website: http://www.vestigeverdant.com/

Source: http://tarbija24.postimees.ee/2736582/kodumaine-kosmeetikatoostus-kubiseb-uutest-tegijatest