Estonian cosmetics industry is filled with new players. Introducing Lumi.


 Within the last few years, trademarks like Lumi, Vestige Verdant, Ontic Minerals, Yxes, Jovely Naturals, Nurme Seep, Signe Seebid, Nuustaku Seebid and many others have placed themselves on our shelves.  Better known are Ingli Pai and Joik.

The skin care line Lumi reached shelves last October, with an increased focus on product efficiency and a scientific base than on being natural and handmade. 

The Tartu University start-up company Perfect Cosmetics OÜ, which produces the Lume line, has developed within the Biotechnology Park. The CEO of the company, Helen Hirv, explained that the company has used the support of EAS in product development, and its cooperation partners are Tartu University and the Tallinn University of Technology.

Lumi picture

Picture: Lumi product, source: luminordic.com

All of the products are based on hemp seed oil, to provide value to the hemp being grown in Estonia. «Lume products are unique and with a relatively rare composition in Europe. Therefore, our niche is our clientele, who are looking for a professional product. We do not emphasize on a smell or spa experience, but rather on the effect of the product,» said Hirv. Hirv believes that the demand for natural skin care products is increasing with the increase in allergies.

According to women, Lumi is one of the most praised DNA protective skin creams that rejuvenate and stimulate skin, composed of, among others, plant based oils, tealeaves, mallow, buddleia and elderberry extracts. This type of cream, in a volume of 50 milligram, costs 39 Euros and the user is promised that their skin will remain young and healthy.

«We took a risk when going to the market with products that smell like hemp seed oil, but by now we have allayed our fears, as the feedback is positive,» said Hirv. The company is planning to sell roughly 10 000 products this year

Website: http://www.luminordic.com/

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