Estonian start-up developing brain rehabilitation training programmes in US business accelerator


Cognuse, an Estonian start-up, made it through the intense competition and was accepted into Dreamlt Health, a renowned business accelerator in the US. Cognuse is active in the field of development and distribution of innovative evaluation and therapy solutions for patients recovering from a brain injury.

A total of 120 enterprises applied for entry into the Dreamlt Health business accelerator, out of which only the 9 best were selected.

“With the help of the Dreamlt Health business accelerator, Cognuse is able to move much closer to the sector’s health insurance and medical service providers. It also makes it possible to reach research and development organisations and the larger investments that are needed for expanding the business,” said Andres Mellik, the founder of Cognuse.

According to Mellik, the enterprise’s main focus is presently on product development and the realisation of business models. “Our work is focused on the markets of the US, Scandinavia, Japan and Estonia, and our rehabilitation training programme is already used in 20 hospitals and clinics and by more than 100 private clients,” adds Mellik.
Cognuse was established in 2010, and in 2013 it participated in Accelerate Life, an accelerator programme offered by Tallinn Science Park Tehnopol, aimed at medical technology companies.

The main activity of Cognuse is the development of brain rehabilitation training programmes and adapting them for different devices, like tablets and smartphones. The company is also developing special equipment to use the rehabilitation programmes. Products offered by Cognuse are targeted towards medical facilities as well as private patients.