World-famous portal geni.com interested in Estonian cemetery software


The CEO of the popular US family tree portal recently contacted the company that created the Estonian e-cemetery system Haudi, as the portal is interested in implementing the invention of Estonians in their system.

The Estonian Cemetery Portal and Haudi, the nationwide web-based cemetery information system behind it, have become popular outside their country of birth. The Swedes, Finns and Americans are already keeping an eye on it. Why? Because Haudi helps people find the last resting places of their loved ones in Estonia in seconds – all they need to do is type in the person’s name on the website and review the location or use an even more convenient option – take out their mobile phone in the cemetery and immediately find the location of the grave.

Moreover, in addition to the location you can also see the deceased’s date of birth and date of death, the names of the other persons buried on the same plot and in some cases, if someone had decided to add them, the person’s life story or even their photo. Very practical.

This is why the CEO of geni.com, the extremely popular portal that helps people research their family trees and find their relatives, has cast an eye on Haudi. In the future, it may be possible that when an American finds their Estonian great-great-great uncle via Geni, they will automatically receive information about his time of death and the place where he was buried. “We are still discussing how this could be done, because our business models are different: people must pay for some information in Geni, but searches in the Estonian Cemetery Portal are free of charge,” said Mari Pultsin, Member of the Board at Spin TEK, the IT-company that created Haudi.

Plans with Sweden and Finland have already started to take shape. “The developments for Sweden are in the final stages and sales [of the software] will start this year and in Finland, we’re still in the middle of negotiations with the National Church Council,” said Pultsin and added that the Haudi software has also been introduced to Kazakhstan, Denmark and Argentina. She added that Haudi has not failed to generate interest in any country yet – other similar software exists, but Estonia is the only country where the entire state’s information works in a single environment and covers all cemeteries.

Haudi in numbers:

-- 60,000 – the number of burial plots whose data have been entered in Haudi

-- 93 – the number of countries where people visit Haudi at www.kalmistud.ee

-- 185,000 – the number of searches made in Haudi per month

-- 100 – the approximate number of Estonian cemeteries that have joined the system