Estonian companies present their goods at London DSEI defence fair


Nine Estonian defence sector companies exhibited their products at one of the world's largest defence exhibition, DSEI 2013, held in London between September 10-13.

Estonian companies participated at the fair with the help of Enterprise Estonia. The range of products offered by Estonians was pretty broad: from textile products and shoes to boats as well as navigation equipment.

Eli Airborne Solutions, producer of unmanned aerial vehicles, presented their flagship drone, UAS Swan III, which is a a third generation remote control air vehicle. Baltic Workboats, which has built many fast patrol ferries went to the fair with the interest to enter the military market.

Protex Balti presented uniform clothes, which are among others worn by the army of Swedish King Chamber. The company also presented its smart textiles designed originally for handicapped persons but can be successfully used also in army industry.

Taavi Laur, head of Enterprise Estonia said that there is substantially a lot more money involved in the defence industry compared to the civil one. „If Estonian enterprises succeed to break into this market, then the economy will see a substantial increase in the value added by an employee," he said.