27% of Estonian consumers are socially conscious


Some 27% of Estonians are willing to pay extra for products and services
provided by companies that give back to society, a recent survey by international market research company Nielsen showed.

The global internet-based survey was done in 58 countries, and the results among countries varied considerably. Broadly speaking, European respondents were less likely to pay more for goods and services from socially-responsible companies — just 36% of consumers on average. Meanwhile, in India, Philippines, Thailand and Indonesia, more than 66% of respondents said they'd pay extra.

The survey authors think that people in India are more likely to reward socially-responsible companies because consumers there have high CSR expectations. However, a broader cynicism toward business seems to prevail in Europe. A study released by the European Commission earlier this year showed that 41% of citizens in EU member countries felt that the overall influence of companies on society was negative — more than citizens in other major economies.

In the same survey done two years ago, 31% of Estonians were willing to pay extra to CSR companies.

Source: Inselberg, K. (2013) Uuring: veerand tarbijatest eelistab ühiskondlikult vastutustundlike ettevõtete tooteid ja teenuseid. E24 majandus, 27. august.