Saaremaa ship builder wins state tender in Sweden


Aluminum yacht builder Alunaut from Saaremaa island has won a state tender in Sweden to build ten boats for the Swedish sea rescue centre.

The retail price of one boat (with motor) is 30,000 euros, which makes the total value of the deal 300,000 euros. All ten boats, each five metres long, will be ready in 2013.

The boats are Alunaut's own product, named AC-17. "We had to change the AC-17's standard conception a bit to achieve the needed functionality. This kind of boat has to be able to pull off a container weighing one ton," the company's manager Mark Muru stated.

Alunaut is also about to sign a contract with the Swiss police to build a
nine-metres-long boat to will help them find evidence down to 200 metres depth. The value of this kind of ship is about 300,000 euros.

Alunaut's 2012 sales revenue was 771,600 euros, of which 71% came from exports. The most important target country was Sweden. The company's net profit was 87,600 euros last year.

Viide: Kald, I. (2013) Rootsi merepääste ostab Saaremaalt kümme mootorpaati. Äripäev, 5. september.