Industrial output grows by 8% in July


The production of industrial enterprises increased by 8% in July compared to the same month the previous year, whereas production was 2% higher compared to June 2013, Estonia's Statistics Office reported.

Since January, industrial output has showed a stable 2–6% growth compared to the same months of the previous year. Production was higher in more than half of the branches of industry. The greatest growth was in electronic, food, wood and chemical production. The volume of production fell in the manufacture of metal products, electrical equipment and furniture.

In July, 70% of manufacturing production was exported, whereas the exports were up by 12% annually. Domestic sales were positive — up by 5 compared to July of last year —though a bit weaker overall.

Viide: (2013) Tööstustoodang kasvas juulis kaheksa protsenti. E24 majandus, 2. september.