Finnish national housing fair kicks off at Hyvinkää


This year's annual Finnish housing fair is being held at Hyvinkää, 60 km north of Helsinki, and is open to the public until August 11th.

The exhibition is the most important event for the Finnish housing industry and demo houses builders, as well as for building material suppliers. The previous fair, held in Tampere, attracted over 145,000 visitors.

This year, 32 houses are being exhibited in a natural environment near Hyvinkää, with the smallest house under 100m2 and the largest over 250m2. Aerated concrete house builder Aeroc Jämerä from Estonia will also be one of the exhibitors to promote the Jämerä brand. Ivar Sikk, the CEO of Aeroc Jämerä, said that the company will exhibit a special house this year – it is a black-white combination heavy-rock lifestyle building with a special studio room designed by famous Finnish guitar player Esa Holopainen. Sikk said that the house has already attracted quite a lot of attention in the Finnish media with an article in the leading Helsingin Sanomat, among others.

Jmer-Sisu 3D-01
Picture: Aeroc Jämerä

The company has participated in Finnish housing fairs in previous years and has always received positive feedback from fair visitors. "Visitors can move
around the house in person and can therefore feel the house much better when compared to looking at house drawings on paper or from a computer screen," he said. Sikk added that the fair is important for those who plan to build a new house, as one can get lots of ideas in terms of material choice, planning, as well as interior.