Estonia’s per capita export at the Scandinavian level


Estonia’s export level per capita is reaching the levels of Scandinavian countries, according to the recent study of industry sectors by Swedbank.

The 2012 figures show that Estonia’s per capita export was 9700 euros compared to 12,600 euros in Sweden and 10,500 in Finland. Estonia’s figure made a significant jump in 2011 to 9000 euros from 6500 euros the previous year.

The study, which questioned more than 200 industrial companies, concluded that 79% of companies plan to increase turnover this year whereby 74% of turnover is planned to be exported. More than half of the companies plan to increase exports, especially those in the food industry. For 35% of those who plan to increase exports, growth will be accomplished by gaining new markets.

"Domestic market shares are in place, and now opportunities are being found to sell abroad using current production resources," Swedbank management board member Robert Kitt said.

Russia is a big market for the food sector, with cheese and fish being the most attractive Estonian food products for export. 

Source: Esse, E. (2013) Eesti ekspordi maht elaniku kohta on jõudmas Skandinaavia tasemeni. ERR Uudised, 7. mai.