Estonian logistics firm expands to Mexico


Estonia’s leading maritime agency CF&S Estonia has found customers in Mexico and has begun offering logistics services to transport goods from Mexico to Columbia and the Dominican Republic.

The logistics firm found new customers at the official visit by Estonia’s foreign ministry to Mexico in May, where business leaders were co-invited. The company’s managing director Harri Rästas said that he had no high hopes for Mexico at first since he knew that the country’s economy is mostly tied to the U.S. The actual results are above the company’s expectations since CF&S Estonia has already managed to start doing business in Mexico after just one meeting.

Rästas said that doing business in Mexico is different from Europe, but the fact that Mexico is the nineth biggest economy in the world is a sign that Mexican businessmen are not resting on their laurels. Speaking about cultural differences, Rästas said that one has to be ready for meetings to be cancelled at the last moment. However, finding a mutual language at the meeting was easy, he added.

CF&S, one of the largest Estonian-capital based logistics and forwarding companies, had the most successful financial year in history in 2012. Established in 1997, the company managed to grow its turnover by 65%, hitting 55 million euros. The company provides a broad spectrum of logistic services from road, sea, railway and air transport to warehouse and customs services. The Tallinn-headquartered firm employs a total of 140 people and has subsidiaries also in Latvia, Russia and Kazakhstan.

Estonia’s foreign minister, Urmas Paet, said that Estonian IT companies (Regio, for example, offering GPS solutions) also have good experiences doing business in Mexico. There are also talks to export other innovative e-solutions to Mexico, such as e-health development. "We are ready to share our experience with Mexico and to introduce our solutions in other fields," he added.

Source: Ladõnskaja, V. (2013) Logistikafirma alustas koostööd Mehhiko ettevõtjatega. Äripäev, 28. mai.