Estonia ranks 14th on EU Innovation Union Scoreboard


Estonia is the 14th most innovative country in the European Union, according to the Commission’s recently published Innovation Union Scoreboard 2013.

The report marks Denmark, Finland, Germany and Sweden as the Innovation Leaders of the EU. Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Estonia, France, Ireland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Slovenia and the UK all show a performance above or close to the EU average and are the Innovation Followers. The other countries are divided between Moderate and Modest Innovator groups.

While almost all EU countries improved their innovation performance, Estonia is by far the European innovation growth leader, which grew with an average annual rate of 7.1% from  2008–2013. The comparable EU’s annual average was 1.6%.

Juhan Parts, the minister of economic affairs and communications, said that such rapid growth in seven years is unquestionably not just a statistical figure, but a long-term purposeful activity in the development of entrepreneurship.

The report said that Estonia’s strengths are in finance, support and firm investments while weaknesses are in open, excellent and attractive research systems and economic effects.

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