Estonian honey reaches consumers in China


Meveda OÜ, a small Tartu County-based and family-owned honey production company, started to sell Estonia’s ecologically clean honey to China.

“Ecologically clean honey is highly valued in China. Estonian honey will now rise next to the Australian product, which has been leading this market so far,” Jaanus Tull, management board member of Meveda, said. China is a growing market with high potential for the company. The uniqueness of Estonian honey lies in the clean and species-rich natural environment.

The company already sent half a tonne of honey to China last October. This will reach customers in 500 gram jars, to be sold via a TV shop. The company plans to sell 100 tonnes of honey to China by the beginning of next year.

Picture: Meveda´s honey manufacturing

Estonia produced 1000 tonnes of honey last year according to the Estonian Institute of Economic Research. Three quarters of this was sold directly to consumers and one tenth to resellers. Honey producer associations estimated that the export of honey could have been “a few tens of tonnes” as the domestic demand stays high and the price of honey on the world market is low.

Source: Raamets, H. (2013) Eesti mesi jõuab hiinlaste lauale. Maaleht, 14. märts.