Estonian export to Asia grows by 20%


Estonian export was at 12.6 billion euros in 2012, up by 4% from the previous year. Export to Asia was up by 20%, Statistics Estonia said.

Estonia exported most or 86% of its goods to European Union countries, with neighbouring Sweden, Finland, Russia and Latvia as the top export countries. Country-wise, export to Russia and Latvia increased the most (16% and 15%, respectively), while the largest fall was in sales to the USA (22%).

Out of all exports, 5% went to Asia, with China leading the list (17% of all exports to Asia), followed by Kazakhstan (14%) and Japan (11%). Export to Asia increased in all major target countries, except for China. Mostly electronic equipment, mineral fuel, mechanical equipment, and wood and wood products were sold to China.

Estonian exports to Africa had a share of 2% and the USA had a share of 7% out of all exports.

Source: Lepik, A. (2013) Eesti eksport Aasiasse kasvas viiendiku võrra. Äripäev, 13. märts.