The first doorknob designed by an Estonian will be manufactured by Abloy


In November 2012, the winners of the Abloy design contest were announced in the Design and Architecture Gallery in Tallinn. First prize was awarded to a doorknob designed by the young designer Mihkel Mäll.

doorknobSixty-five works were submitted to the first design contest of doorknobs held in Estonia, out of which the jury selected the winner: 1st prize was awarded to Mihkel Mall, a student of product design at the Estonian Academy of Arts. The doorknob is timeless, classy and has two different levels: looking at it from afar it seems faceted, but at close range it is warm and useful. The doorknob suits well in different premises and goes well with many different surfaces. Mihkel Mall, who is currently serving in the Estonian Defence Forces, received inspiration while cooking. “I tested several kitchen knives, a hunting knife and as many handles as possible in order to find the shape which would be ergonomic and comfortable. I believed that the shape of the doorknob should blend well with the shape of the human hand and feel comfortable while opening a door. I tried to find a balance between the technical side and the human side,” says Mall, who sees a future as a product designer. Mihkel Mall’s awarded doorknob will be added to Abloy’s selection under the name “Abloy Tunne” (Abloy Feeling), and production and sales starts in 2013. In Abloy’s 105 years of history, this is the first doorknob model designed by an Estonian.

Source: Life in Estonia, spring 2013